Zakk Wylde Pentatonic Hardcore DVD Search


Hey everyone! @Brendan not sure if this is the right category to post so please let me know once you read this. Also @Acecrusher you recently had a post on a Zakk DVD so thought you could chime in too.

There was a DVD made way back for Young Guitar in Japan by Zakk Wylde. The DVD has been ripped and put online under the name Pentatonic Hardcore. It is roughly 58 minutes in total. If you are into alternate picking and pinch harmonics o’doom like I am it’s a classic.

Anyways I have messaged YG in Japan but no response yet (damn you Google translate!). Someone posted on YT a clip of Zakk going through his 3NPS diatonic scales. He claims the title of the DVD when he bought it on Ebay was Pentatonic Hardcore 2. But he doesn’t know if that is the correct name either and there is no way to reach this individual directly.

Since I’ve had such great luck with great forum members I thought maybe someone would recognize this clip, etc. Would be happy to purchase the original or a copy and can Paypal you, Zelle, and so on.

Cheers- BB


Did YG send you a response since then?


Nothing yet still! There are short clips here and there on YT but I’d like to get the whole thing…


I wouldn’t be surprised. Google’s translation program isn’t that refined yet, so chances are that you sent them total gibberish🤪

Regarding that DVD you were talking about, I am also interested in getting my hands on it. Since I have a fairly good command of Japanese (better than Google at least), you could send me your original English message, and if you would like, I can translate it and send it to them.