Zakk Wylde The Darkest Hour Solo Tablature Question

Hello Fellow CTC Brothers/Sisters!

I hope this is the right section to ask a question on figuring out what Zakk was playing between 48-51 seconds or so:

It is a fast Diatonic and Pentatonic run. Recently had the awesome pleasure of meeting Zakk and he told me so himself it was right out of the scale, unfortunately he wasn’t able to break it down anymore than that (D Major).

It is clear that Zakk plays 579 twice on the A and D strings. Then for sure, he plays 679 on the G string. I believe that is played ONE TIME. This is where the video gets hazy. Does he immediately play 7910 on the G string OR 7810 on the B string?? If you slow the video down, you can see the 679 one time for sure on the G string. But the guess for me is if he hit the 7810 on the B string after and then ended with 710 B and 710 E. He ends on an upstroke and the rest of the run on the B and E strings are all pentatonic 2NPS so that would make sense…

What helped me get this far is to slow down the video to around 40% and you can even hear and feel the triplets along with watching his picking hand. On a side note, if you like this solo, I have a VERY accurate tab overall and will be happy to send it via PM as a thank you.

Appreciate the time to look at this, it is a great solo and a challenge to get down but if you like DWPS, this has all the ingredients.


Hey @BullseyeBrewtality, it’s been a while!

It’s very hard to decode the part after the G string, as I think he didn’t manage to hit all the intended notes in there. In the “mysterious part” he also does a motion with the right hand that looks like a sweep across the top 3 strings :thinking:

I think you got the ending right though (7-10 on the top 2 strings)!


Definitely too long my friend!! It is hard to tell but if I was a betting man, it is either 679 TWICE OR ONCE. and then for sure the 710 pentatonic notes for the B and E…
I played at 60% to the YT video I attached and it appears it could be played twice. Please try it when you have a moment if possible?
And when you slow it down Zakk accents his first notes on each string so you can hear the 579 being played twice as that 5 rings out. Same with 679 that C# is clear. If Zakk does play 679 twice while I dont hear a clear C#, I dont hear that F# (7th B). And if you even play it at whatever tempo you want and hammer on the 579 to get the groove of the timing, I feel like if you played 679 once, you have too much of a gap in notes. Plus 679 once would mean you have to sweep the 710 on the B and at 148bpm I just dont see Zakk doing that.
Please let me know! Thanks so much- BB