Zakk Wylde's Insane Hybrid Picking

I’ve a DWPS, trying to model my picking after YJM and EJ. I’ve tried working on 2WPS but I find changing picking mid-sequence incredibly challenging. (Still working on it.)

In the mean time, I’ve been searching for workarounds - trying out pure Economy picking using some of the resources at as well as some SWYBRYD picking I picked up from Marshall Harrison.

One of things I stumbled across when looking into Hybrid picking was this clip of Zakk Wylde and watching his right hand in this clip blew my mind!

I remember there used to be the a full Zakk Wylde instructional named Pentatonic Hardcore on YouTube but it looked like it was taken down due to copyright and though one had been re-uploaded the quality was terrible and it was incomplete.

Trying to learn more about his approach to Hybrid picking I watched some of Zakk’s Guitar World “lessons”. I don’t think Zakk has ever been a great teacher but these videos were truly indecipherable.

Amazingly, I did manage to find the full instructional again on a Chinese website in great quality, so I thought I’d share it as a useful resource to anyone interested! His section on Chicken Picking/Hybrid Picking is pretty insightful and I don’t see many players using this technique like Zakk does!


This video and other great ones like it, are produced by Young Guitar out of Japan. Do an Ebay search for Young Guitar Magazine. Most of the back issues came with DVDs of all of the hot shredders demoing their newest release with a full solo or three transcribed and played by the person. Great for learning the licks as the actual person played them.

To your point, Zakk is a monster hybrid picker. The solo on Devil’s Daughter is 16th notes at 170bpm chicken picked.

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