Zap Live Solo Cascade?

I am very new to CTC btw (its an awesome platform!)
Eric plays this awesome cascade style lick around 3:03 in Zap

From what I can see of this lick, he just finishes his Stair Step Melody ( 3:00 in the video, pivoting from the 5th/C to the tonic note) and flies into this insane position shifting cascade (I-III-IV) where I think he goes higher up the neck until he hits position three of the pentatonic scale and then drops back an octave to the 4th position? (8th fret), I’m not sure entirely sure lol

In my attempt of figuring this out as I’m new to transcribing licks and all that its ultimately been unsuccessful, could anybody figure this out? @Troy


Ha ha. He’s such a beast isn’t he.
That gig, in that jacket, with that hair. He’s like a superhero or something.

I’m in the mood for a new EJ lick to shatter my ego against so I might transcribe this later. I’ll post it here if I get round to it!

Here you go. See what you think. (PDF attached too)
I think this is mostly right. There might be errors - let me know if you spot any and I’ll correct it.

I didn’t have time to add the picking pattern too - but it’s as you’d expect with EJ’s standard patterns.
There are a few hammer-ons and pull-offs sprinkled in, but it’s mostly picked. It’s ferociously fast. :laughing:

Crazy Zap Lick.pdf (175.4 KB)

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Wow very impressive, cheers @Oboy

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Right now I’m closing up on 135 bpm and the transcription is extremely accurate, really great stuff. One thing i noticed in the lick is that it almost transitions into a diminished Ab arpeggio and then goes back into minor, very interesting!

Thanks for the Help :smile: