2-String pull-offs issues

Hello fellows, I hope you are having a nice day.

I have a specific question about technique. I’ve been trying to play this pull-of sequence:


these are 16th note triplets, 150bpm. Picking-wise it’s flowing easily, but I’m having problems specifically with the 12th-fret. I don’t have the speed to move my index finger to and from the first string. Also, I’ve been trying to barre those two, but my finger tends to slip, killing the notes, as if the stretch is too much. My thumb is placed opposing my index finger, as I usually do with barre chords.

Do you have any idea of a more efficient way to play this line? Should I be “rolling” my finger? Should my thumb be in a different position?

Thanks in advance!

i would say since its so fast, barre is going to be the most efficient option in the end. also using the index, middle, and ring is also going to be the most coordinated with more fuel in the tank. but it really depends on what you are going to do after that can dictate how you approach it.

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It sounds like you use a pincer (classical) grip for this, though it’s hard to say for sure without seeing a video.

In one of the videos in this thread, Tom talks about fretting with a power grip as opposed to a pincer grip. In another one he expands on the concepts and explains how to perform stretches with the power grip. I can’t remember which videos are which, but I recommend you watch all of them because they are excellent. They have done me a lot of good at least, and seem directly applicable to your question.


It’s been a while, but thanks a lot for the help.
This thread was greatly interesting and I really didn’t know nothing about these things. I’m still trying to find the best postures, but now I’m much more sure I’m on the right path