40 yrs Angle Pad Grip --> Trigger Style Grip

Has anybody patented this amazing grip-training-device :-?
Seriously, I’ve had trouble with my grip (choking, unintended harmonics) since forever.


It’s a newspaper rubber band, doubled.


While amusing, I think the grip is a little tight here. I try to keep the index finger a little more open, so it’s more like a circle - the OK sign is a good starting point.

Don’t think you need to totally reboot your pick grip though. This guy uses the Pad Grip, and he’s pretty decent:

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That’s pretty inventive. :grin: I’m curious about this, you mentioned trouble with choking and unintended harmonics. What sort of issues did you encounter? I used to have a problem with them too, and it’s a work in progress still. I wrote a post about it, in case you might be interested: Crutches and The Fear of Bad Notes

Here’s a view of my old grip. It very often hits the string I’m playing, or trying to change over.

Yeah, using some more exposure definitely helps! What’s your motion like? Your mileage may vary of course, but at least for me, an inconsistent downstroke motion seemed to be the root cause. What I mean is, some of my downstrokes (mostly the really accented ones) were digging into the strings, because I was unknowingly making a very different picking motion all of a sudden.

There’s nothing wrong with this grip, and trigger is not superior to angle pad. Sorry if we gave you that impression. But if you’re hitting the strings when you don’t mean to, for sure, as @Shredd says just use more exposure.

If you’re using a small pick like a Jazz III then you can also try the XL size. This way you can feel more pick in your grip, even while more is exposed. Ultimately you can have almost any exposure with any size pick, but with a small pick, you may not like the feel of holding it by the very top to get more exposure. Over the years I learned to hold the Jazz III that way and didn’t really notice I was doing it.

Whichever way you go, all these methods work.


I found, recently, via these video recordings , that I was flexing my t and I a lot. Some observers have said that the t-i loop should be locked and unmovable.

We need a Kickstarter ASAP!!

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My feeling is that a few weeks of playing with your finger bound up like that would be an almost surefire recipe for RSI.

You’re probably right. Although, a few minutes like this did give me an idea of what to expect from a trigger-style grip. I’m experimenting with changing my grip in that direction.