8-string – Magnet top arch bends when opened wide, can I still use it?

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I just got the Magnet (cheers CTC team, super excited!) and I put it on my 8-string VGS Octagon. I noticed the top arch bends downwards a little when I have it opened wide enough to fit the fretboard at 12th fret (about 68 mm). It seems to fit up on the 17th fret too, which is about 77 mm, but I didn’t leave it there because I wanted to be sure about this bending.

Does this look bad? Can this damage the rods inside the Magnet?

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Nope, I don’t believe this will hurt anything. That’s just play in that gaps between the plastic parts becoming more noticeable when there’s less overlap between the two halves when it’s pulled so far apart. I don’t think it’s the materials (rods or plastic) actually bending. The Magnet does this with the adapters installed even on a wide six-string neck, and I’ve never noticed any impact on lifespan. If anything does happen, just let us know and we’ll send replacement parts or a completely replacement Magnet.

So basically you can get this as high as about the 17th fret on an 8-string. How stable is at that point?

Show us some footage. You can be the first-ever 8-string Magnet clip!


It’s quite stable. It doesn’t feel like it’s gonna rotate or fall off. I definitely have to put it on a lower fret and slide it up there, but it doesn’t exactly need muscle force to get it up to 17th. It might go up to 18th or 19th, I’ll have to check, but I’ll be making sure not to overdo it in any case.

Awesome, thanks for the details. 17th fret is pretty high, and plenty for getting a usable amount of playable fretboard space. If most 8-strings can mount a Magnet in this location then we can probably update the Magnet page to indicate this. We’ll see if we can identify som other 8-string Magnet users first.

I see your YT links in a forum notification but it looks like you may have deleted those. The forearm clip is great, do you want to re-post that? No worries if not.

Re: vertical YouTube videos, it’s annoying but you can just substitute “watch?v=” where it says “shorts/” and it will become a normal video again.

The 8-string riff and the forearm tremolo? I checked those links and they do work for me. Or did you mean some other ones? I can re-post if they don’t work for some reason.

Thanks, that did it!

Sorry! What I mean is that the videos are up on YT but they’re not linked here in the thread. It looks like there was an additional post with the videos in it but I’m not seeing it. Did you remove it? If so no problem but just pointing that out if it was unintentional!

I put them in a new thread since this one was more about the Magnet question I had. I didn’t remove any posts. If you can’t see the videos on the other thread or something’s bugging out, I can re-post them here too.