8-String Magnet use

I always assumed this wouldn’t work, but I measured the Magnet’s max width grip at 77mm if you really pull it. It looks like the Ibanez RG8 is 80mm at the 24th fret, and probably less by the time you get down to 17 or so:

Anyone have an 8-string and try this yet? I’m guessing it will work just perhaps at a lower fret than where the neck meets the body.

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Cool, I will test as soon as the Magnet is here. I have an Ibanez RGA-8 and a VGS Octagon. Not sure about their fretboard widths but I’ll measure them once I get to testing.

@troy just barely enough clearance to get it on the 24th fret of this one:

Which says it’s 74mm. Eyeballing it, I don’t think the gap I have at max pull is more than 1 mm.

Hm, interesting — I was able to mount it on something in the studio that’s 77mm according to the calipers. I’ll re-test.

Excellent. If it doesn’t make it at the end of the fretboard, I’m guessing there is some lower fret where it does. Whether or not that serves as a stable mounting position, maybe not. Let us know when you try it out.