Advice on speed issue

Hey CTC folks,

I am ‘NOT’ a speed machine because of various reasons however I am also interested to be able to be play fairly fast, clean, and tight (at least as fast as I can be labeled a decent shredder). Now my question is I am watching Pick slanting Primer and have come to Downward Pick Slanting section, I sure can’t match up to Yngwie or Eric Johnson in terms of speed but I feel there is more hope to get closer to Eric’s speed. So I decided to skip Yngwie and started the EJ segment. Is that okay?

P.S: I suffer from Picking hand and Fretting hand sync disorder :smile: any advice on how to fight it and get them in sync? any specific video? a lesson that I might have missed here? or a video that’s outside of CTC that can help me cure of this disorder? Any help is appreciated.

Maybe @tommo and few of you can help me :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading.

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Any repeating pattern on a single string should work. I’m using a variety of patterns and licks from favorite songs etc. Did you check out the chunking concept yet?

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