AI and you're music posted online


I’m a freelance a Graphic artist as well as a musician.

I found out about a couple of weeks ago that any art I put up on Instagram and/or Facebook gets used to Train AI.

Get this out of the way first: The word “Trained” is a misnomer. It gives the impression that Music and music theory was programmed into it and It “learned” how to make music.

That’s not what it does:

In reality it scours the internet looking for whatever matches the command you put in your prompt and scrapes it up - takes it and AI just pretty much puts it back together in whatever way the person giving it the prompt wants.

The results.

Musician reacts to AI-generated Gypsy Jazz


Your work was taken and is still being taken without your knowledge and without your consent. it’s not just creative stuff either, it’s any pic ( of your dog or family etc) , videos for AI generated video (vacation vids you may make or someones prom) , and writing you post on the internet.

There is an “opt - out” on Facebook/Instagram I believe but it’s not a guarantee. They decide whether they will or not so it’s kind of a joke.

I think more musicians should be aware of this. I hope it doesn’t depress anybody.


For me I’m ok with anything I do being used to train AI, as it will happen anyway. No matter what I think, I just want it to happen faster. The two things I’ve put most effort into, graphics and music, are so easy for an AI to replicate that I can’t compete. Mine might be more human, but we all know the big companies don’t care if it still makes money.

I’d rather just go into this new world while I’m still young.

I can’t believe I’m one of three people who feels this way.


At least, the very least you should have an iron clad “opt-out” choice.

Is it just me?

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I think if you care, you don’t see how inevitable this is.

If governments can’t even handle COVID, how are they going to handle mass unemployment? It’s probably not going to be pretty!

They, handled covid as much as “they” could. They, is ultimately we. We all play a part.
Think of it this way, can your body handle covid? Was it all because of a few cells disposition? Or your overall general health?

Le communist of borg.

In the USA the government kept kids out of school, and did many other things that were driven by pseudoscience; indeed, even mask mandates and spacing guidelines were theatrical.

My favorite part is how COVID supposedly didn’t come from gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology but from the local wet maket! Yeah, right.

To give you a concrete example, San Francisco destroyed it’s downtown from a maternal overreaction to COVID: Mommy knows best, shut up and obey, leave the buildings empty and let the bars/restaurants close!

Hi All,

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I think discussion on AI in arts & music is fine (provided the associated posts don’t violate other guidelines), but I’d probably avoid the comments on how various governments handled COVID etc. because it can easily lead to endless political debates

Darn. I was about to make a post about how I think the government intentionally suppressed evidence on escape motions to keep the number of guitar virtuosos low in efforts to boost pop record sales. And how, thankfully, Troy threw a monkey wrench into said efforts. I’ll have to save it for my private blog I guess. I have 3 followers now! (Mom, Dad, someone new in Bulgaria).


I think It’s an important issue for musicians (AI). I don’t know why this thread turned into what it did.

Sure thing! Happy for the AI in music discussion to continue in a constructive manner :slight_smile:

AI needs other peoples work in order to come up with what the person who asked ( typed the “prompt”) into Chat GPT or Midjourney or Suno or whatever wants.

If AI can’t find what it is looking for it references itself which gives AI a weird look or sound Peculiar to AI.

If this just can get out more, some people start posting something similar to how I started this thread it would get it more into the people conscience and maybe put pressure on the AI tech heads or lawmakers to do something.

I’m not sure if this order is correct, but tech is always damaging the median musician’s livelihood. Examples include,

  • Records. (Replacing a huge amount of local musician jobs.)
  • Radio. (Replacing a huge amount of local musician jobs.)
  • Tape. (Makes piracy easy.)
  • CDs. (Enables Napster with .mp3.)
  • Pitch correction software. (Now you don’t need to sing, but must dance and look cute.)
  • Napster. (Makes piracy easier than ever.)
  • Cellphone video. (Makes bootlegging easy.)
  • Loop libraries, etc. (Replacing more local musician jobs.)
  • Selling song-by-song. (Greatly reduces revenues and destroys the album.)
  • Spotify and other subscription services. (Greatly reduces revenues.)

But the musician’s pain is the consumer’s benefit.

One major thing that AI will do is enable the generation of songs aimed at individual customers, it will likely be something like fantasy football, “build your dream supergroup and tell them what to play, etc.”

Also, arbitrary people will be able to make albums with nearly minimal work, hence it will become increasingly difficult to fight for customers and get sales.

I think you exaggerated the type of impact on musicians on at least some of those you listed. Records, actually created the music industry. Radio, Tape, Cd’s just continued it. Singles (45’s) have been around almost as long as albums. Pitch correction has been around ( I think they called them voice fixers or something like that. Aside from Pitch correction none of what you listed had anything to do with “Creating music”

Things like MIDI caused a lot of panic when it came out, but it integrated into the music business and became another tool.

AI is different, It takes the musician out of the picture totally.

People used to actually pay money and go see artists in clubs, venues, etc., and famous artists would go on tour—music was a career long before the record industry. When you have a record player, there is no “need” for local musicians, hence I presume that the amount of music jobs (as a percentage of the population) must have gone down.

You were right to cite MIDI as an important technology that removed the need of instrumentalists.

I presume AI will remove the need for some

  • composers
  • singers

Why won’t your prior argument hold, so I’d get, “things like AI caused a lot of panic when it came out, but it integrated into the music business and became another tool?”

Suno being sued for Copyright infringment.

I think what you listed in your post as previous threats to musicians in the
Music Industry are exaggerated. Record are what made the music industry an industry. They didn’t get around to dealing with the arrival of Cassette tape 'till they were out almost 20 years (right around the Satanic Panic and the PMRC hearings.) The previous two and CD’s were just new formats to collect and listen to music.

Midi became just another tool to create Music. Pitch correction can only go so far and is overused.

Again a tool for creating music.

AI just makes a song from what’s available on the internet.

It sounds like they were non-experts in AI trying to quickly (and successfully) apply transformer models to music, according to this, but I don’t know. We shall see what happens next.

My prediction is that they’re not making money right now, but if they ever do, lots of other companies will enter the space, and likely the recorded music industry as well (licensing).

I am guessing that the recorded music industry is scared of inexpensive songs that sound very similar to existing works but are just different enough to skirt paying copyright, hence a loss of revenue. I believe that individually targeted music will be here before long once it can be generated profitably.

What I’d like to see from AI is the creation of some high quality VSTs for guitar and other instruments that sound indistinguishable from real instruments, with the ability to adjust parameters like articulation and tone. There could be presets that replicate the style of your favorite players.

With these we could hear new music that is freed from the physical limitations of the instrument and the human player but still hopefully sound as good as music played on real instruments.