Aliens Are you interested?

Do you believe or know anything about them and various topics about them?

Besides guitars it’s one of my main interests.

I don’t wana really post anything, rather jump off various replys.

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quietly monitors thread


I know very little, but I’d find it very hard to believe we could be the only lifeforms in the universe.
As to whether we’ve ever been “visited”, I don’t really have an opinion on that.

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Kurzgesagt make great “popular science” documentaries. Among these, there are some about e.g. the “Fermi paradox”, related to the probability of life on other planets / likelyhood of getting in contact with any of these


Sometimes your posts make me wonder whether you may be from another planet

:alien: :guitar:

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lol surfing with the alien :metal:
I bet you there are aliens posting online.

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I’ve seen 5 ufos so far. Got one on video.

Literally lastnight saw one and the otherday.

Last night I was looking up and this light flashed me, no alien boobs unfortunately… But it’s basically like a star, but it blinks on then off, on then off. Really weird… not moving, stationary like a star but flashing. I’ve seen that twice. It’s literally like something is trying to get your attention.

I’ve also seen a star or rather planet as it looked like a bright planet, be stationary, then move, like it just casually started moving down beyond my view. Very weird, happened to be the same night as the last time I saw my friend before he died who introduced me to dmt, I think perhaps linked, it just feels like that… Though who knows. I think Aliens can be extradimensional, or rather are.
And thats why we don’t see them out there @tommo I think at a certain point a race goes into extra dimensions instead of out into classic space. The fermi paradox doesn’t account for that kinda stuff.

I’ve seen others but hard to discribe.

Theres that ufo whistleblower Military whistleblower claims US has UFO retrieval program | Elizabeth Vargas Reports - YouTube

I think it’s the beginning of a controlled disclosure, probably because of global warming. With out some serious change the climate is going to get out of hand very soon. And ofcourse if all carbon output stopped right now there is still decades of built up pollution, it lags, so what we’re experiencing now is the result of pollution decades ago. And pollution only increased. I can’t remember the dates but something like the current warming is from the 60s or so. So we got decades of warming comming even if it all stops now. It will ruin civilization if a major change doesn’t happen.

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This is why I don’t reject the possibility that UAPs are aliens out of hand – but also don’t see any hard evidence that they are.

So I just go about my life, lol.

So my whole issue with this is:

  • an alien species advanced enough to travel to us from farther away than any place we have knowledge of would require technology so incredible that they should easily be able to remain undetected, by even our most advanced capabilities.

  • if we are being visited, what advantage would governments gain by denying it? And in the same vein, what advantage would they gain by teasing the possibility that we are, even if it isn’t true (sleight of hand)?

That said, I don’t have particularly strong feelings on this either way, other than that I haven’t witnessed anything myself.

But what if they don’t really care about being detected?
Theres also one idea that says they are showing themselves on purpose to guide the human race in a certain direction. Almost like inspiration.

The government, or apparently private companies being paid by the government have a lot to gain by keeping high level technology classified. They do it all the time with war machines.

Being obvious would be easy, I think.

No doubt about that, what I mean is any whistleblower could be either silenced, one way or another, if a secret really were being kept, or allowed to prattle on (perhaps being compensated for prattling on) if the intention is as a distraction from something else - let’s have a “whistleblower” talk about “secret gov’t held alien ships” right when we sign this bill or do this other nefarious thing, to take eyes off us.

Anyway, your experience is your own, and I don’t doubt that. Shit, I am pretty sure I saw a ghost once, so I’ll listen to any theory, even if I try to offer counter-possibilities. lol

Maybe, I’m sure they use a lot of underhanded tactics to distract people from actual import things.
And ufos could be just that, tho I think the level of people that talk about them is pretty intresting.

I saw a cool talk on that today if you’re interested

The only thing I can contribute to this thread is this


The still from this (the best video ever posted here) makes me think of the star child from 2001 for some reason.


lol :stuck_out_tongue: I promise I’m not an Alien. Pinky promise… but Aliens don’t have pinky’s so…

For real I honestly think it’s an extra dimensional thing.

This is a good video by Carl Sagan

This ones intresting too

And a video by Terence McKenna is really cool to listen to

If anyone here has taken dmt before, you probably noticed it felt like shifting to the side, or vibrating to another reality? Well same reality just a different phase, like guitar is a perfect example as if you’ve two strings out of sync they vibrate differently and create a wobbling effect, yet if they sync up they sound the same. Relatively. I think we’re all vibrating on a certain frequency in terms of our brain and body, and changing that with psychedelics or meditation or technology… can let your brain vibrate to a different aspect of reality. Similar to how colors are different frequencies, yet provide a different experience. And as mentioned if you pluck a string you get different sounds, different tones.

It’s said that these various private companies have actual ufos, yet can’t get them to work, but have reverse engineered some aspects. I think the craft they have are essentially amplifiers that with the right mind you can activate the craft to move through space and time and the other dimensions we’ve no scientific explanation for currently.

Here’s Sammy talking about aliens a bit Sammy Hagar talks aliens with Dr. Drew - YouTube There are quite a few hard to choose a concise version.

And ofcourse one of Sam Halens best songs. Weird how it has a metallic sphere as the cover of 5150 (involuntary psychiatric commitment of individuals who present a danger to themselves or others due to signs of mental illness) lol

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Finally something I can comment on. And if you think I mean the mental illness part…that’s not very nice of you lol! (though I’d hardly blame you for thinking that :slight_smile: )I love that VH song, especially the simple but awesome solo. Great tone, great nuance and melodic feel. It’s possible Ed was an alien.

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The grays flys around in their craft. Wobbling around like drunks. Apparently they smell like ammonia… pee. They only drink fluids, And their skin is gray and translucent. I think the grays are hardcore alcoholics.

It’s my favorite van Halen song. So I agree.
And if you say Eddie Van Halen fast, over n over, it becomes, Eddie Van Alien.

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Don’t forget about Alien Holdsworth, a well known influence of Eddie Van Alien

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Thats what 5150 means. I don’t think it’s fair either. But when you start talking about weird stuff thats what people think, you’re nuts. I don’t believe that, I think anyone who is a good person no matter how crazy has something to say thats legit. Thats acually how we have so much technology, autistic people who have out there ideas acually are the innovation. Most genius’ are autistic people who have been allowed to pursue their interests. Look at Eddie, he was autistic, shy, obsessive, overbearing. Probably had ocd too. they all come hand in hand, and unless you’ve a good upbringing you’ll struggle. He was lucky. Like all famous people. Tho ofcourse… god helps those who helps themselves, or never give up…

You look at David Grusch. He’s autistic, thats probably why he came out with it. The people who are psychopathic or sociopathic will keep this stuff in for their own gain. Thats who get hired to run this stuff.

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