Alternate picking 3nps

Hi I am new to the forum … I am Italian … I cannot exceed 165 bpm in triplets 3nps … Is the wrist movement correct? I await your advice and judgments


Welcome @Gianguit, thanks for posting!

I don’t see anything obviously wrong with your movements, what happens when/if you try to pick significantly faster?


Thanks for the reply… With the wrist I don’t take all the notes at 175 bpm I feel that I miss them … with the arm I can also do 215 bpm 3nps but I can’t play slowly at 170 175 … Maybe I’m using stringhopping?

Essentially what movement do I have?

It looks like down stroke escape.

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Guys I usually practice my elbow here at 215 bpm … What do I need?

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Hey @Gianguit, the last video looks very promising! Are you doing economy picking on purpose in the ascending scale?

Actually, it is natural for me to pick up the growing economy … But from the highest note to the lowest one I have to do alternating … I would like to do 3nps all alternating … Is it possible to do it with my elbow? Forgive me my English I’m not very good

It should be possible to do this (alternate pick 3nps scales) with the elbow + some assistance from the wrist or forearm whenever you need an upstroke escape trajectory (e.g. like Vinnie Moore does).

I think you are pretty close! As you probably know, what you need to do is replace the downstroke sweep with the “ascending outside” string change. So, downstroke on the low string followed by upstroke on the higher string.

For example, to get used to this particular string change you could try licks like this, where all the string changes are “ascending outside”:


If instead you repeat twice 5-6-8 on the low E string, you can use the same principle to check if your “ascending inside” string change is working as well.

Let me know if it helps :slight_smile:

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I can do this exercise at 185 bpm … I have another question … is it important to give the rest stroke at all speeds? In dwps and uwps … also on 3nps?

Tommo posso scrivere in italiano? Ho scoperto che sei italiano

E’ vero :slight_smile:

I think English for the forum is better, but let me discuss this with my colleagues and get back to you :slight_smile:

To answer this question, rest strokes are not necessary, but if you find they help you, why not! I personally like the feel of rest strokes and use them, but other players may not.

In general, if it sounds good it’s good - you can try all the options and see what works best for you :slight_smile:

Cosa ne pensi di questo?

Le lezioni di troy su come plettrare sono anche scritte? Non sono bravo in inglese

I think you are on the right track! you are doing the correct pickstrokes, just sometimes the pick hits more than one string. This is what we call “swiping” and it occasionally happens to many players (including me!) when they play fast. It’s not a big deal especially if the left hand is muting properly.

I think the next step for you could be to play the scale sometimes very fast (don’t worry if not very precisely at first), and sometimes at medium speed to try and clean it up. These videos can be useful references:

Tommo grazie mille per le risposte… Ho provato ad aumentare la velocità delle scale ma non capisco perché sulla corda G suono solo 2 note già a 10 bpm più alto del video

Ciao tommo in dwps non mi trovo dovrei fare esercizi?

Hey @Gianguit, sorry for the delay on this one! First, I’ll quote my other post about the distinction between “DWPS” and “USX” (escaped upstrokes). They often happen together but are not the same thing:

Do you have a specific example of something that you are trying to play with USX and that is not working? Happy to have a look :slight_smile: