Any benefits with small bursts vs repeating/longer licks?


Main question:
Do you think there any benefits of doing bursts compared to a repeating/longer lick when trying to bring accuracy and consistency into higher speeds? Why and when would one choose one over the other?

Random rant:
My ancedotal experience and thoughts is that bursts could help to really isolate a problem without adding other challanges. The negatives about bursting is that it’s possible to string hop without knowing/feeling it if the burst is very short. Timing MIGHT be an issue awell? F.e when playing at 280 bpm 8th triplets for 4-6 notes, can you really tell for certain if you’re playing in time and you’re brain isn’t tricking you into starting/stopping a few miliseconds off the beat?

I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts on this :slight_smile:

I asked this question a few years back

Long read but the spoiler alert version is that at least for making sure your motion is efficient (or if you’re just learning your motion) speed bursts just might do more harm than good. It’s also a pretty loaded term.

Pretty sure I’ve heard @tommo bring up this very problem with bursts.

I’d say the bottom line is if you’re using them and you feel you’re improving, who cares what anyone else thinks though :slight_smile: I think just about everything has its place, in moderation. We know randomness helps. Probably safe to say it shouldn’t be the only way you tackle high speed playing though.

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