Any Neo Classical other than Malmsteen?

I’m wondering which successful artist I’ve missed that’s managed to do the Malmsteen thing and isn’t Malmsteen, don’t mean to be a smart/dumb ass; from what I’ve found it’s only Joe Stump who comes close?

Anybody else out there? I guess I should say music in the vein of Malmsteen’s style, as in single-coil tone ( I know it’s stacked, but that sound ) into a raging marshall?

I’m thinking Vinnie Moore etc have a different sound, Joe Stump really gets close with his ‘original’ albums but I guess that’s a different discussion as plagiarism is an essential part of any and all music created these days. Hell, I had no idea Zimmerman was an outright ‘borrower’ as well. I digress.

edit: just feeling a bit lost, I think many people have been burned in this chase.

edit2: Just occurred to me it, Impellitteri is the only other one I can think of.


There’s a Japanese(?) dude called Kelly Simonz that has a very Yngwie style.

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Yngwie isn’t entirely original, but he did put together the playing style he has. He’s heavily influenced by Uli Roth if he admits it or not. I have heard other guitarists use parts of his technique, and plenty use the patterns and scales he does but none of them sound like him as most guitarists don’t copy another verbatim.


Timo Tolkki of Stratovarius.


OH right, I forgot all about them; should take another listen, thanks!

I like Michael Romeo as an innovative player with a strong neo-classical influence. I wouldn’t say he ever did “the yngwie thing” though, he does his own thing in the genre. Patrick Rondat is another - very excellent technique and composition!


This is the kind of stuff I was looking for! Thanks :slight_smile:



Check George Bellas out


Wow, that was amazing, I’ll admit I did let the system audio into the effects bus on my RME :slight_smile:
Great playing!

I should pay more attention to Cesario’s covers.

Thanks guys, two great finds for me today!

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Here’s P Rondat’s video lesson from the 90’s - Virtuosité et Velocité. Very precise technique control on display. Many good exercises! Covers a lot of alternate picking. Single string development. Combining Legato with alternate picking. String Crossing 2WPS Patterns and Scales. Arpeggios with Sweeping and Alternate picking. Classical Excerpts from Vivaldi and Studies from his solo progressive metal compositions.
He is like the Vinnie Moore of France. Same hair and all.

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hey bro, dont forget Tony MacAlpine, Jason Becker (perpetual burn).

John Norum has delved into this style in the past, Kee Marcello is another one.

One of the best modern neo classical guys in my opinion is Michael Romeo. Check out his instructional on Youtube,

Also, Chris Brooks is great!

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wow that was absolutely brilliant playing and phrasing…

thank you, i had no idea this guy existed.



Certainly, Walter Giardino deserves a mention here, he’s from Spain and plays with the group Rata Blanca.

I don’t specially love his tone here, but he’s still displayed some awesome neoclassical chops from 0:00 up to 11:00


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Dont forget Norifumi Shima!!

Wow, wasn’t expecting what that developed into, incredible vibe!
Thanks for sharing that. It’s almost like his tone is DI here.

Wow, this is one of those threads where every response is going to be Wow :joy:

Couple great recommendations here - I came in here meaning to post Tony Macalpine, his “Maximum Security” is a stunning album, and IMO his style is a little more… maybe romantic to Yngwie’s baroque? Idunno. I think his writing is excellent, and very well rounded.

Jason Becker is an unreal talent. If you ever want to have your heart broken, watch “Not Dead Yet.” Damn. “Perpetual Burn” suffers from a very “point in time” production, but holy shit is his playing unbelievable, even today.

Chris Brooks used to post around Jemsite a lot back in the day, and I got into him there. More of a fusion guy these days, but he definitely loves his Yngwie. Rusty Cooley is worth a look in the same vein - “Under the Influence” off his debut is a pretty clear nod to Yngwie, but also has just a stupifying solo break.

Other than that, Stephen Forte from Adagio might be worth a look, as well as Jeff Loomis from Nevermore (he also has a solo album out too, but Nevermore is worth checking out anyway). Loomis is pretty nuts, in fact. They’re maybe just a wee bit heavier than Yngwie, haha.

Not the most Yngwie-inspired lead break, but this solo gets a lot of love for the long arpeggio figure:


I can suggest some people that do not sound like Yngwie (Marshall stacks, single coils, etc), but they took his principles and brought them to another level.

Michael Romeo
Jeff Loomis
Stephan Forte
Alexi Laiho

All those guys play in modern metal styles with heavier riffs and productions, but the key elements of Yngwie are there.

For more hard rock stuff, please check out Rob Marcello of the Defiants. They have some pretty cheesy songs (personal opinion), but his lead playing is top top tier.

(solo on 3.28)

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Hey Drew, I love Tony Mac’s work on project D.R.I.V.E.R. check it out if you haven’t heard it. lots of great songs. I saw that Jason Becker Documentary a few years back, it’s very sad. What a tragedy.
He was absolute Titan of a guitar player.

Forgot about Jeff Loomis, he’s a fantastic player.

Gus G. needs a mention here… he’s such a great player

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And a compatriot of mine! He was born in the same area as my father! What a player and what a guy.