Anybody have a Magnet for sale?


I am not particularly handy and will probably do a terrible job putting one together so I am hoping that someone has one that they are no longer using that they would like to part with.



Pretty expensive



Thanks. I already bought the instructions. However, I do not really feel like spending the time and money trying to put one together.

I was just hoping that someone either has a Magnet from the original run or has already assembled one that no longer wants it so that I can buy it from them.

I would really like to use the magnet to take help me improve my gypsy jazz right hand technique.


I felt the same way so what I did was order the instructions and parts and pay someone more skilled to put it together :slight_smile: So, that’s an option, too.
In fact I did an improvement to it the other day. It wasn’t holding my phone very tightly so I disassembled it, added a second pair of springs and even managed to assemble it again! Now it holds like a charm! In the process I found out that it actually isn’t so complicated.

Anyway, good luck!


Was it easy enough to find somebody that could put it together well? I’m not too handy either but happy to pay people to give myself time to do things I’m better at.


There was never an original run! We have always just made them by hand. It would be cool to produce them, and I’m sure they’d work better / smoother with molded plastic. It’s just a matter of allocating the cash, and the time / manpower. We’re always swamped.


Yes. There’s a local music forum that has a DIY section and I placed a request there. A general DIY forum should do the job, too.


Assembly is very easy. I say that as someone who isn’t very handy.

The biggest problem for me was finding replacement parts, because I couldn’t find the parts listed in the manual at a webshop that would ship to Scandinavistan. This made me quit the build the first time I wanted to do it.

A few months later I came back with the mindset that a screw of a certain length is as good as any other and if the spring tension isn’t identical that’s probably fine too. This–obviously!–turned out to be true :slight_smile:

If anyone in Europe ever puts together a build using online sources, it might be helpful if they shared the website they used and a shopping cart that led to a successful build. That might reduce friction for someone in the same situation later.


Hey Troy. Do you have a career outside of this guitar stuff? You seem like the kind of guy brainy enough to make a living as an engineer or inventor or something when not playing the axe.


I think at this point Troy’s full time job is just responding to posts on this forum :smiley:


This is a good point! While the main plastic body parts dictate certain constraints there’s definitely a good amount of wiggle room when it comes to exact sizes of springs, screws, thickness of rubber pads etc. Can’t hurt to experiment since those parts are generally pretty cheap and worst case you can just take apart and try with different ones.


Yes, I’m in the uk and would be very interested in this.

To be honest, essentially, I would like to purchase a pre-made magnet. I’m not handy at all and am not good at deciphering instructions.


I’m in Bulgaria but purchased the “original” parts. The trick is to use a shipping intermediary - you order the parts and ship them to their US address and they ship them to you. However, it can get quite expensive because of import fees and taxes so a local alternative would still be better.


Not trying to knock the Magnet here. I don’t have the extra funds or time to put one together. It’s a great idea and tool, I’m sure. However, a poor man’s solution is getting a cell phone holder for your dash with suction cup. Get one that is adjustable. May not be as great as the Magnet but I’ve seen YouTube posts of guys using them to make headstock shot videos and picking shots. You can get one off of Amazon for cheap.