Anybody here doing original music?


anyone got some original music theyd like to pimp?

how about actual complete “albums” for sale? id love to check them out.

I see tons of talent here, just wondering if anyone is actually putting together full songs etc (which gets into 9 million other aspects: writing, recording, MIXING (uggh), etc etc)

Thanks, JJ


I have yea, I’m close to releasing my 2nd EP now, though it’s entirely guitar-widdling-free. But if you’re interested anyway you can check out my first EP here;


Yeah, sure - I released my first proper album a few years ago, Zero Mantra, which is available on the usual suspects - iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, et al. Sort of bluesy instrumental rock in a Satriani/Timmons sort of way. These days Nick Johnston is an influence too, and you’ll hear that in places here… But it’s kind of in reverse, since I actually hadn’t heard any of his music at the time; he’s just tuned in to some of the same stuff I am, musically. I have a couple tracks available on YouTube:

“Red Skies” - hard rock, sort of a Lynch feel to the solo in places, maybe.

“Letting Go” - slow, mellow, bluesy lead playing, though it gets bigger towards the end.

I’m just wrapping up a roots-rock/folk-rock/blues project with my dad and uncle, but after that I’m going to turn over in earnest to working on a follow-up. This was done well before Cracking the Code when I was mostly a legato guy (still am, I suppose, but I’m more balanced now) so don’t expect much in the way of blistering alternate picking, and I’ve upgraded my recording signal chain in a pretty big way since recording this… Still, though, three years later, I’m still not embarrassed by any of it. I just kind of want to move on and work on some new material, after spending the better part of ten years slowly writing and recording this. :slight_smile:


No-bullshit Heavy Metal from my band Gatekeeper:

We’ll be on tour in Europe in March next year:


Here is a little something I made last year.

And a piece using delay.


I’ve got some stuff to do tonight so I don’t know if I’ll get to it (FTP test on my bike trainer, then trying to wrap up the mix and master of that project I mentioned), but I’ll definitely be coming back to this thread to do some listening. It’s always cool to hear what other forumites are up to. :+1:


Here’s my band Guagua - this cut is Afro -Cuban music with a Balkan vibe.

I am playing a Tres Cubano, which has 3 sets of coupled strings -

Another original - samba with guitar


Very cool thread idea - this will be interesting to hear what other CtC people are doing musically (whether shreddy or otherwise) and to see what styles are out there.

Here’s the latest album I’ve done with some friends and session players:


I tried to write short etudes to practice / demostrate the techniques we discuss here.

Nothing to write home about :smiley: but I think this one is decently musical:

I have written a few more but haven’t managed proper recordings yet.


Made one CD with my band ELIXXIR. Fusion style. Unfortunately the band is nomore…
Here’s one song “Evermore
Guitarsolo starts from about 2:14


I got your lyrics ready…

I got the coolest licks, all over town
Got my coil tap pulled, trying to get a sound
I got the coolest licks…all over town
I dont mean nothin’ mama…if your pick aint pointin’ down!


Hey, you’re playing Greece! Would be nice to meet.


My band–live album coming out on 12/7/18.

Reverence website

New video–Phoenix Rising

Old school metal–not overly shreddy but fun to play…

Reverence , is Scott Oliva (ex-Wind Wraith, Innerstrength, vocals), Bryan Holland (ex-Tokyo Blade, guitars), Paul Kleff (ex-Metal Church live/Firewolfe guitars), Steve ‘Dr. Killdrums’ Wacholz (ex-Savatage/Crimson Glory, drums), Russ Pzutto (Twisted Sister/Dee Snider live, bass) and Rob Matheson (touring drummer). Formed in 2010, hailing from the depths of New York City and Detroit, Michigan.

Reverence’s debut album, ‘When Darkness Calls’ was released on Razar Ice Records on May 3rd 2012 to roaring reviews, the band headed across the pond for a UK and Europe 2013 tour and back to the USA for an East Coast run. Upon returning, with only a new four song demo they signed a three album deal with Marquee/Avalon Japan and went on to release their second album ‘Gods Of War’ was released on October 21st in Asia through Marquee/Avalon and the rest of the world through Razar Ice Records on November 4th 2015 to more rave reviews from fans and critics alike.

A New EP entitled ‘Foreverence’ was released in Dec 22nd 2017 with continued glowing reviews, a new live album is to be released in the fall of 2018 and the band is in writing mode for a new full length studio album for 2019 with US and Euro dates being booked.

Music Labels: Razar Ice Records – USA, ROAR Records – Euro/UK, Marquee/Avalon – Asia

Management: Amplified Distortion

Booking/Promotion: Rock N Growl

Endorsements: Steve Clayton Picks , GHS Strings , MyStarSound Pro Audio and Atomic Amps


So far I’ve only managed to listen to tommo’s etude and AndJoy’s track.

Tommo - that track is definitely worthy of the etude moniker. A cool short piece of music in its own right.

AndJoy - awesome stuff and a shame the band is no longer. Do you have the rest of the CD online somewhere?


“original”…with some exceptions, the same shreddy, or acoustic " tap the body" shiit as every bedplayer in yt.


You forgot to post your clip.


Why? more boring shreddry music? the OP ask for ORIGINAL music and nobody stay on topic.


“Original” in this case meaning “songs you wrote yourself” instead of covers.


Sorry, I saw this yesterday but I didn’t realize you were actually calling @weealf’s music “shit”. We’re a learning web site and it is out of line to trash other users here. We’re going to give you a warning on this.


Yeah! We’re playing a festival called “Up The Hammers” in Athens. It’s mostly obscure 80’s heavy metal (Liege Lord is the headliner, really great guitars in that band) plus newer bands playing classic metal styles. It’s gonna be fun!