Anybody here doing original music?


Cool thread and lots of cool posts above!

Our band ‘Dirty Power’ have self released a first few tunes recently and will be doing more of the same in the future (DWPS got me through the solo in the first track - though it’s not really shown in the vid :wink: ) :

Give us a like! :slight_smile:


Thanx man!
I don’t have it online anymore, but i will put all the songs on YT soon and give you the link.


nice, love the Jimmy Page-esque chord at 2:40


I reread and Youre right.
I didnt mean that, Im not talking to @weealf and not judging anyone, just a wrong expression.


For sure! I’ve got a metal project.

Would totally love your feedback on this.

We are thinking on working with a producer next time.


Here’s the full album.


My recent release from this past spring. The tunes “Dance Dog” and “Negotiating the Periphery” are the ones with some wild guitar in them:


@shinjuku, This is an excerpt from a solo from the same cd.


So, a couple tracks in right now, and I’ll say this - I was NOT expecting the diversity of musical approaches here, given the technical nature of this site I expected a lot of metal and shred and whatnot, and, well… I’m midway through Andjoy’s fusion tune right now, geoffk’s cuban tinged stuff was a surprise, as well… Weealf had some cool buckethead-esq delay stuff going there, and I think I told you this when you joined elements, but I remember someone on my facebook feed geeking out about your album on facebook, so clearly youre doing something right. \m/

I’ll try to make it back to listen to some more stuff here in a little while, but for now, I’m surprised that this is a WAY more diverse group of musicians than I’d have expected. That’s awesome.


Ill throw one in, if it will post. Basic dad rock I guess.

This was a “one day wonder” written for this contest where u do 5 songs in 5 days lol. They give u a phrase in the morning and you write around it,

The lead is just a sloppy thing done pretty quickly so it wont be anything to brag about on this site. Its cool though because I am setting the bar nice and low for myself to start with lol

its a demo folks, lots of issues


A lot of cool diverse music here! Great to hear! Here is maybe something a bit more stereotypically shredy. Progrock with a lot of keyboards. Guitar solo starts att 5:34 and this was me in an early stage of transferring to DWPS. Mostly Yngwie-style swept scales and arpeggios in a bit of a too high tempo for me. :woozy_face: What you hear is a studio recording but video footage is from both live and studio for some strange reason.


nice! now I regret posting mine lol

good stuff


I’ve been gathering my ideas for a long time, but most of them are really short, have guitar pro quality drums so I don’t share them with the world. There are exceptions so prepare your ears for the greatest song I’ve ever written:
I write weird stuff in general, here’s my raw idea for 7/4 latin for example:
Also my neoclassical bebop thing:

And some UWPS shredding at 16yo that I like to listen to sometimes:

Some stuff I did for contests if it counts as original:


Cool topic! This is a self-released EP from a few years back.


Great playing, Scott! Wailing!

I really liked the sound character on the recording. Smooth and fat! What did you use for the recording?


Adam, I already was blown away by your Viking swing from another thread, but I once again, your playing is insanely clean and in the pocket! Loved the last vid with the perfect amount of speed and wow factor. At the moment I’m totally focused on learning arpeggios in just the way you use them. Is there any specific way you practised to get them to lock so well in time?

Thanks for being such a great inspiration!


Thanks man, reading such compliments from a great player like you means a lot to me.
Beckerish sweeps were something I figured out at a very young age by feel and I’ve never really practiced them, just started out missing half of the notes and then it cleaned up over time. I played a lot of stuff off Perpetual Burn and Speed Metal Symphony and it clicked. You just gain more control over time after doing them.
I think rest strokes aka planting are the key concept to this kind of sweep, I don’t just rotate to change pickslant, I pick the actual note with forearm rotation rather than wrist/elbow deviation (I think). Let’s examine that good ol’ A minor arpeggio:

e ---------------------12-17-12-------------------------------
b -----------------13--------------13--------------------------
g -------------14----------------------14----------------------
d ---------14------------------------------14------------------
a -12-15--------------------------------------15-12----------

If you start with DWPS setup you start your sweep playing A on the 12th fret and you rest the pick on the d string, it’s already waiting there to continue the sweep while you are hammering C on the a string. Then you just continue the sweep until the note on the 17th fret on the high e string. It’s the one that I play with forearm rotation to change slant and while I pull off from the 17th to 12th fret the pick already rests on the b string to continue the sweep. The important thing is that you are returning with upward pickslant so if want to loop the pattern, you have to play the first note of the next repetition with forearm rotation again to switch back to dwps, at least I do it. If you don’t do this you will have to hop. Maybe we should start a separate thread on it.
I don’t think you can get as much rhythmic precision with sweeping as you can get with alternate picking, even Gambale said that sweep is a technique to play fast.


Thanks! I think I do it, or at least try, in the same way you describe. The actual sweeping motion in both directions is quite straightforward. It’s the transition to other motions I have most problem with.

This is certainly true, yet when I hear you sweep, it’s just as perfect time as anything else. Did you practise every specific lick to know how it plans out rhythmically or do you have a certain feel for the rhythm when sweeping in general?


The reason for that may be you are using elbow for sweep and wrist for alternate picking, just my guess. I use elbow for everything at fast speeds.

This has a lot to do with the direction of melody, therefore the amount of notes you play before you change sweep’s direction. Organizing this sweep as groups of 3 or 6 will sound very natural because you have 6 notes going up and 6 notes going down. If you played it in the 16th note feel it wouldn’t sound good, even if your timing was metronomically perfect, because the way melody would align to the beat would just be weird.


Thanks so much! I appreciate the kind words. It was very much a homemade project, and all the guitars were recorded direct with the original Axe FX standard. I’m actually not a huge fan of the Fractal, but must admit it does a great job of getting sounds when it’s not practical to mic up a real amp. Thanks for listening!