Anybody here doing original music?


See you in Athens dude! I would have probably missed if I didn’t see that a forum member will play there! Can’t wait! If you need any info or help about Athens let me know!


nice. I was at Hellenikon AFB for a couple years back in the late 80s. good times down in Glyfada etc lol

I used to catch a taxi to Syntagma square about every other week and go to a radio shop called ‘Radio katuma’ if I remember correctly from 30 years ago lol


Too lazy to finish at least one song ) though I like to create some simple micro-melodies to practise rather than use schematic approach.

Well, actually, I have some songs finished for an acoustic guitar, but since it’s ‘russian bard’ style, main point of that songs are lyrics, not the music which is quite primitive.


Haha Athens is a very different place since then. There are still pros and cons to the region, but the cons are pretty nasty to be honest. I wouldn’t suggest living there, only visiting for vacations and holidays. I’m born and raised in Athens but I’m living next year, the cons just outweight the pros unfortunately.


Some cool stuff here, lots of variety.

Most of my stuff these days is more abstract/ambient, you can barely tell some of it is guitar based. This track is more lead guitar based though. It’s something I wrote when I was trying to learn to think more in terms of intervals rather than the blues-box shapes I’m used to.

This one is more on the ambient side, still recognizably guitar though :slight_smile: