Attempted DBX - Trem, Arps, Scales

Back after being away for awhile. Aiming for a DBX technique that uses wrist translation plus a little bit of motorcycle grip. I see from these vids that I’ve got some forearm as well. History - prior elbow-based and economy techniques “worked” but hurt my elbow, so I’m avoiding that. I also completely reworked my pick grip to be trigger-ish, although my old habits creep back and I can get out of position after awhile,

TIA for any comments.

Tremolo around 180bpm:

Stacked third arpeggios (part of my warmup routine). Some parts of this feel smooth, some feel like stringhopping:

Scales as fast as I can play them, E scales starting on G#, including 2nps on the B String which causes inside and outside string changes:

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Hey @tommo, got time to have a look?