Cracking the Code is all over the Internet


I was checking some Andy James videos on picking technique and some of them are old, like from 2013 or so. But when I go to the comments section I ALWAYS find someone pointing about the fact he seems to be an upward pickslanter, and he himself states that he prefers to start with upstrokes…you know all the great stuff we learned from Troy so far and his research on picking … so congratulations! Cracking the Code is all over the Internet at least for us who want to learn to be masters of picking and we love guitar.
I might add I used Andy James as an example since it is the thing I am studying at the moment apart from Cracking the Code but literally I find comments like that on every guitar video about alternate picking on YouTube. So again congrats Troy! Keep the great stuff coming.


I’ve noticed the same. I think the pickslanting lingo is just going to be a normal part of guitar talk from now on, and will hopefully be incorporated into all the standard teaching methods.


and credit should be given to the man who put that knowledge out for the world!


Next thing you know he’ll be a celebrity and fighting off paparazzi.


I think we are already kind of paparazzi of picking :joy:


A few weeks ago I posted a video of myself playing a lick for the technique critique section. I had uploaded it to YouTube and then linked it here.
Somebody commented on it on YouTube asking “is this TWPS?”


As it should be. AFAIK Troy’s the first person to try to move away from simply pontificating about picking and instead try to gather some actual scientific data in terms of the close up slow mo vid.

Personally at this point I think it’s foolish to have a conversation about speed/guitar pick technique without using slanting and Troy’s terminology.

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Yes I mean! We could call Troy techniques an amazing new theory for picking or maybe the newest approach to fast alternate picking or something like that but… Steve Morse filmed on slow motion!? Rusty Cooley?! Michael Angelo Batio?!? this is no theory this is no speculation! This is awesome and factual.
And I think there is much ahead for Troy discover. I just get excited.


I was watching this video this morning and thought I’ll share it here.

Steve From Boston (or Pixxy Lixx for those who used to know him with that name) receives Martin Miller in his basement! And Martin mentions DWPS at 1:43 (not sure what his point was though).

Short but nice video: