Damian Salazar - Have You Heard Of Him Before?

I just happened to come across this on YouTube - it was one of those videos that YouTube suggests you watch. Well, this is different. I’ve seen people playing music on streets before, but never in this style. Usually it’s acoustic instruments and music with vocals. That’s what interested me the most - that he’s got the guts to be playing something very different from what most street musicians play, that as uncommercial as it is, he’s going for it.

Clearly his speed is impressive, but I’d like to see him focus more on playing something that sounds nice instead of spending the whole time playing like there’s a prize for finishing in less time than anyone else. He did attract some people though, while playing something very uncommercial. There’s only a niche audience for this kind of music, no matter how good of a musician you are. He got a good round of applause at the end, which was nice because it shows they recognize he’s got impressive ability even if it’s not necessarily their favorite kind of music.

I applaud him for having the guts to play this where he did with the challenge of attracting a crowd of people, as opposed to playing the same thing in his home where he doesn’t have a live audience and where he could just re-record it if he made some mistakes.

I had never heard of him before. I think he’d attract a bigger crowd if he’d accompany his guitar playing with vocals. In an environment where he’s going to get people who have widely varying musical tastes, finding people who love instrumental heavy metal is quite a challenge. He did attract an audience in spite of that, which is pretty impressive.

I’m going to look into what else there is available to listen to by him to find out if he sometimes accompanies his playing with vocals who playing on the street. If he sings well, I’m sure he’ll attract a considerably bigger crowd.

I found this. Still no vocals, but he plays a version where he includes the vocal melody into the guitar parts he’s playing which is pretty cool. This cover of Hotel California shows he’s an innovative guy. I’d be interested to hear what kind of original songs he writes. Does anyone here happen to have a link to some original songs of his?

I enjoyed this performance much more than the other one I posted here.

I remember posting on another thread that was about this guy. If you do a search fir Damien Salazar, you might find it and see what others think.

Ah yes good point just searched and we do have a topic about him already! Closing this one as a duplicate. See discussion here: