Dave's first video

Hello folks! My first video submission for critique and whatnot. Be kind, but be honest. :slight_smile:

I have an older Samsung galaxy5 and I have no idea if I can do slo-mo on it. If I figure it out, I will use that feature in future posts.

Have at 'er!

wow, nice squint in the preview, lol.


Hello and nice work!

I believe you’re going for a wrist motion, is that correct? Looks like you tend to rely on a fair bit of forearm rotation too. It might be useful to go through the forearm motion section of Pickslanting Primer, since it teaches a blended motion that uses wrist and forearm together. I found it easier than pure wrist, myself.


Hi Dave!

Thanks for posting. I only clicked through bits of this, but what I’m seeing looks good.

In general, please try to keep these clips short, 30 seconds or less, limited to only one or two playing examples that highlight the issue you want feedback on. This makes it much easer to locate the playing examples and zero in on what you’re trying to show us. Nix all narration. Keep all commentary in the text of your post for ease of quoting and replying, so I can be sure we address all your questions completely. Here are some more filming tips:

In general I’m seeing trailing edge grip, supinated arm position, what looks like mainly wrist motion here. @Shredd yes, for sure there is a tiny bit of forearm but this doesn’t really look like the approach I use in the forearm section, it looks more like what I’m doing here:

That being said, Dave, feel free to watch through both sections so you can get a general sense of how wrist and forearm motions work, and why it’s sometimes hard to draw a clear line between the two.


Cool, thanks for the input troy. I shall certainly abide by video conventions in future, lol.
I’ll submit another video shortly, but what I was getting at above is that I don’t know whether I’m getting any escape at all with my motion. I definitely have two different motions - my regular pick attack which works great at low speeds, but it maxes out around 110-120 bpm. And there’s another motion I seem to use when doing a chromatic 4nps exercise that I can easily get over 200-220 bpm.

So, am I actually doing any kind of pickslanting? And why can I get so much faster at one exercise, and hit a brick wall with another?

Last question for now - I will be going thru the entire Primer for sure, but is there any info aimed specifically at a trailing-edge picker like me? Maybe certain motions work better for my grip than others?