Difference between 3NPS ascending and descending runs

So I’m playing guitar for about 20 years and never considered myself fast on guitar. Also I’ve been a Master Of Mechanics member for quite some time now but never really got going with all the stuff. That being said I want to change that and to start with it, the first thing I need to figure out are a few things:
Why are ascending runs so much harder to do for me than descending runs with 3 notes per string?

In my opinion I’m using USX with a DSX helper motion for both directions.

Why are 2 note per strings pentatonic runs so hard for me?

I’m using USX for those.

Am I doing any excess or “wrong” movements I should get rid of? Or am I just lacking practice to get this kinda stuff really fast?

Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

I think overall you sound great!

If you’re struggling with that pentatonic run it doesn’t show at all.

Have you tried starting that ascending C major run with an upstroke? I find I can play it
far more fluidly (as a long time primary USX player) if I do.

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@MikisGtr Sounds good across the board, but I’ll try to help anyways:

From what I’m seeing (35 second timestamp in your vid), it looks like your wrist is much more radially deviated when you’re on the lower strings. A fix for this would be to either develop speed and comfort with that much deviation, or use your forearm to cross the strings as you ascend, keeping your wrist in the optimal picking position. Similar thread with more about that:

I think there is a familiarity / comfort level that has to be developed with 2nps vs 3nps+. I am noticeably more comfortable and faster on 3nps+ lines (which I play more frequently). Apart from that, there is a technical hurdle with 2nps, being that you need to change strings more frequently. More on that here:

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Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Yeah, that doesn’t really make a difference in speed for me.

Now that you’re saying it I notice it too. I tried to move my forearm down the same way I move it up on descending runs but for some weird reason it seems to stick much more to the guitar on ascending runs. Even though the forearm touches the guitar with the same amount of pressure. When I lift the forearm off the guitar just a little to keep it from sticking my shoulder tenses up. :thinking:

I guess you’re right… I’ll try to get more 2nps stuff into my practice routine

Thanks :slight_smile:

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