Dinosaur! Tommo tries to play slow and heavy - did he manage? Tabs included

During the Easter break I wrote a short song called “Dinosaur!”. The main idea is that the first 3 notes of the riff say “di-no-saur” and then it’s all slow and heavy and a bit ominous.

No shred here but the challenge is to keep everything tight and have good phrasing and control with the slow melodies. I wouldn’t say I succeeded 100%, maybe 85% :smiley: . Did my best with controlling the vibrato and shape of each note, but it was no easy task! A little strangled cat noise still made its way into the melody here and there :joy:

Rhythm guitars are quad tracked and leads are double tracked. Everything is one take except for lead gtr 2 (unison with lead gtr 1 shown on the left video), where I re-recorded a little bit that I didn’t like… I feel a little dirty about it I admit :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Many thanks to @twangsta and @BillHoudini for the great advice on mixing and for sorting out my bass and drum tracks. Also, they made some mean remixes of the song that I think are worth sharing :slight_smile:

Bill’s mix:

Twangsta’s mix:

Here are the tabs for all the guitar parts:

I think I got the inspiration from many sources (including the way my daughter says “Dinosaur”) - but if I had to point to one thing in particular, it will be this one:


Congrats tommo! Sounds great!

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I forgot to add that, while @BillHoudini and @Twangsta gave me very good advice on the mixing, they are not liable for any inevitable technical mistakes I made in my final mix :smiley:

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hahaha silly man

This the re tracked intro the the tune I posted earlier.


This is great! very tasteful tone, phrasing and vibrato :slight_smile:

Not easy at all to play in this style

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I’m really happy to hear that! Now I can move to the next bit. Thanks brother!
You guys are my ears and bullshit meter now :smiley:

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Sounds great!
Gives me a mean grin and makes my head nod :wink:

Might have been easier for you to record at double speed an slow it down :wink:

Keep it up. Maybe add some lyrics for your daughter.


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I love the riff, and your vibrato and articulation on the melody is excellent. Awesome work @tommo !

Actually, it reminds me if this

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Haha that’s cool! It seems a general rule that dinosaur songs need to be slow and heavy :smiley:

Or be reggae

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Tommo, I thought this was our message thread! Wouldn’t have posted that clip here. My bad :sob:

Hehehe that’s funny! I;m happy to host it here if you wanna keep it - it’s a great riff :slight_smile:

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I was deep down the rabbit hole there :joy:
You’re a gracious host brother.
Back to topic, I had great fun with your track, I really love your riff here, excellent stuff, you got sections and all that sit well. Cheers :beers:
Keep em commin!

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The initial riff reminds me of a slower, groovier version of Dark Eternal Night by Dream Theater! Great track Tommo, really enjoyed it - I’d love to hear this piece develop…

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Nice! Does it mean you are volunteering to babysit? :smiley: :smiley:

Lol, I have my own dinosaurs to babysit! Ah what the heck - more the merrier! I should warn you - my babysitting style is ‘gaffer tape them to the garden fence’. :grin:


I thought you were going to actually play slow man.

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I love the rhythm and lead tone on this man. So tasty and THICC.

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I set the playback speed to “times 2”. didn’t help much :wink:

EDIT: The Dinosaur song by @tommo sounds pretty cool on x1,75 too :wink: Maybe the vibrato is a bit too fast :wink:


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Thank you :slight_smile: I spent way too much time fiddling with the mix (then realised YT applies some additional compression so the end result is kinda unpredictable anyway :man_facepalming: )

But the key ingredient for the thick tone - I think - is the use of quad tracking for the rhytms, and double tracking for the leads. Apart from getting the stereo effect for the rhythms, I found that the multiple layers tend to sound a bit smoother than the individual take.

And of course the amp simulator I used (Aurora DSP Rhino) has some pretty cool sounds :slight_smile:

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