Double Escape Transition to Sweeping

Let’s say I’m doing nothing but double escape with wrist motion on one string alternate picking. Let’s also say the last note is going to be leading into a downward sweep.

Do you play the alternate picking notes as double escape and then the last note with a downward pick slant to accommodate the sweep into the next string


Do you just use Downward pick slant throughout the entire alternate picking accommodating the last pick stroke leading into that downward sweep?

The latter. Is there a specific reason to double escape?

I find USX or DSX more solid when it’s just a single string. If this phrase leads into a downward sweep (ascending in pitch), then definitely USX.

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I see. Well the reason I pretty much only use Double Escape is because pick slanting for USX and DSX is not needed to escape. That was an idea that Crack The Code stuck to initially now they say you can escape without pickslanting and just use Double Escape with wrist motion primarily. I find this easier instead of constructing phrases around a specific Escape and Slant