Far Beyond The Sun Legato Lick?!

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Some time ago i decided to try and learn the main parts of Far Beyond The Sun because i just love the tune! Everything is going great so far and making total sense with everything i now know about Yngwies playing - except this one lick at 0:54 min in the original studio recording:

I can’t for the life of me figure out what he’s playing there! Every YouTube guitarist plays it differently! My best guess is this:

I think it kinda fits rhythmically but everything else seems really complicated to me… And i thought before i spend hours learning a wrong lick i’d ask you guys if you have any idea and what your thoughts are!

Happy to hear back from you!

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Edit: Tabs are in Standard E

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A trick I use is apply a change tempo effect in audacity at -25% speed, making it 75% speed. I then do a second change tempo effect at -50% speed. Then I move to this webpage and slow it down all the way to 25%, and listen over and over note by note.

Or you can go to the best source Cesario Filho, second best would be the older Young Guitar magazines.

One of my favorite licks of all time! I think your tab is correct except for the last two notes. I think the the second to last note isn’t there and the bend is on G-string 9th fret instead. This lick is actually pretty great as a picking lick as well using Yngwies rules. Just one note is a forced pull off then.


Hey welcome to the forum. One of our members, the awesome @LuckyMojo, transcribed the whole tune

His work tends to super accurate. Also tagging @JBakerman since he is famous for posting excerpts of sections people request : -) and he is also famous in the world of transcribing, in general


Hey Guys! Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll be using the Speed Changer App in the future for sure, its way more convenient than doing it in a DAW!

And thanks for pointing me to the Tab! Im going to use that transcription then!

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Just for the sake of completeness:

My first version wasn’t really what seems to be right, this is the right version from the aforementioned tab on soundslice:

Thanks again to everybody!


Well in this version the second string is missing the slided fourth note. :slight_smile:

Is this a different song from the album?

I have a lot of trouble with that lick too and it’s the timing that i struggle with I think. I play it like @LuckyMojo has it tabbed. Always sounds like a slurred mess when I try and do it. Not much help just saying it’s a hard one for me too.

Not sure. I only have his greatest hits and this is the studio version I’m used to hearing. Whether or not that’s different from the track on Rising Force, I don’t know. I’m not a huge Yngwie fan. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE his playing and this song is fantastic, it’s just that I never got into him beyond his greatest hits, so I don’t know tons about him and the various versions of his songs :slight_smile: Many here do, so hopefully you’ll get an answer.

no worries, i only asked because i couldnt find the original poster’s lick in question in that sound slice. maybe i totally missed it lol

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Hey there! Hope that didn’t cause any confusion. In the second TAB above i transcribed the lick from the Soundslice into GP because i think it looks better.

Here is the version from the Soundslice @carranoj25, you can find it in measure 33.


That’s my reference too.

Here’a really bad rendition, was totally out of touch. Please don’t watch the rest, it’s embarrassing. The last bit is ok though, don’t know why but I remembered the hard bits better :roll_eyes:


Are you picking it all the way, to me it’s bridge pickup and picked all the way, should be fairly percussive. I think only the second note is a slide or hammer on, I don’t always play it.

edit: notice I’m using the neck here, but that’s probably due to playing it after ages. Sounds really aggressive on the bridge pup.

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No I’m not picking it all the way, no way near. I’ll try it though. Great version though you’re really good. Do the scalloped frets make a big difference to how fast your left hand I’d do you think ? I mean do you need to apply less pressure to fret a note or is it just easier to bend and vibe like Yngwie says ?

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Thanks. This is a staple YJM lick, you should learn to pick it, its the std 3/4 notes per pair of strings, though this one starts with a 3/3 on the first pair if you don’t count the first note that a slide. 3/3 of 3/4 on three pairs of strings is essential Yngwie, descending and ascending, it’s really the starter licks one should learn besides the single string patterns. Great feeling once you nail it.

Not really because I think I can play faster without the scallops, but the bending is easier for sure. I think the main advantage of scallops is that you can run higher action without the downside, running higher action gives you better tone.

I’m glad to see I’m on the right page. That is practically identical to my own transcription. I used a program called Sonic Visualizer to slow it down and loop small bits until I could nail it down. Now I’m having troubling with the next fill after that, though. I can’t quite make it out. He repeats the F# minor arpeggio twice and uses it to slide into an an A6 arpeggio, and then he does something in that position before sliding into another F# minor arpeggio in the highest position to finish off the lick.


Ok , I see now what he does there: he combines those arpeggios with the economy picking thing he does in the Rising Force solo.