The Masterpiece is Complete! - Yngwie Malmsteen "Far Beyond the Sun" transcription

I worked on a transcription for Yngwie’s Far Beyond the Sun last year, but put it aside to work on other projects. Long story short, it’s finally finished. Here’s the complete version for your woodshedding pleasure. Enjoy!


Wow this is invaluable! Thank you so much!

Edit: wow, the playing on this one was really out of this world :open_mouth:


Appreciate it Tommo. There’s probably a few passages that I might still need to fine tune. Some of the fingerings create picking mechanics that don’t quite “feel” like Yngwie’s system.

Pretty sure the notes are all there, so anyone is welcome to try alternatives to navigating the trickier runs.

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This is outstanding LM!

Did you play on the track that’s running? It’s incredible.

I only got past the first solo and had to move to other things at the time since I had to fill in some gaps in my basic techniques at the time. Perfect motivation to revisit and complete it. This was bout 7 months into my YJM journey. It’s going to be awesome to revisit this with a fresh set of eyes.

Thank you for your efforts and sharing this man, really appreciate good transcriptions.


Haha no that’s Yngwie 100%. I’m working on playing this, but not at that level yet.

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@LuckyMojo just wanted to give you a high 5 for this! Excellent work!


@LuckyMojo I just started going through this. I’m hearing the fast descending run at measure 12 differently in terms of articulation. Do you think maybe he plays it like this?

(edit: last four notes should be on the A string which I’ve corrected a few posts down. Leaving this here for posterity and to remind myself how imperfect I am haha)

When I slow it down in soundslice, the slurs on the 2nd and 4th string sound more natural when I phrase it like this. Definitely follows the pattern Troy outlined when explaining the “Black Star” lick too. Let me know what you think. Again, awesome job on the transcription! Totally not trying to nitpick or anything, just wondering if you think my interpretation is valid.

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Seriously, incredible. Thank you for the insane amount of time and energy that you put into this.

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Thanks @joebegly

That’s totally a viable solution to the run (but I think your last 4 notes need to be on the A string). I think you’re right too, the more I listen to it there’s more pick articulation happening after the first 6 notes. The fingering stays consistent on each string with this approach too.

I probably went with a more convenient rhythmic grouping in notation initially, but I’m convinced to change this! Exactly why I wanted to share it here and get feedback to make it more accurate.

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@LuckyMojo Doh! I guess it would help if I actually proof read the stuff I post lol! Here’s a quick screen grab edit for clarity because I obviously botched what should have been on the A string.

Glad to help in some small way to such an amazing transcription! I can’t wait to keep going through this. I’d given up on shredding years ago because no matter how much I practiced I just couldn’t get the stuff consistently clean at the high speeds. Now that the code has been cracked, all these tunes that seemed unattainable in my youth are now within my grasp! And to think all I needed to do was angle my pick down, instead of up :slight_smile:

Thanks again. Far Beyond The Sun is truly a masterpiece, and so is your transcription of it!


This is amazing. Is it possible to download as a pdf, and print?

Yeah, if you click the settings (cog wheel) in the bottom right, Print is an option. You can print to pdf to save it that way.

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This is pretty unreal. Great job. I’m really impressed at the detail you put into the transcription. As a side note I’m floored at the quality of the “app” doing the playback. I’ve seen it a few times through some of the things Troy has done, but I’ve never seen it work on this level with the real recording. Thank you for sharing this!



Yeah I love Soundslice, the transcribing and syncing ability is amazing, and nobody has to download any software. It’s pretty much replacing guitar pro in my workflow. The only thing it’s not great at right now is creating alternate/custom tunings, but you can import templates from guitar pro that use custom tunings so it’s all good really.


Yeah Soundslice is fantastic, we use it for all the musical examples on Cracking the Code (over 2,000 so far, you’ll see it a lot if you dig in to the various stuff on the site!) They’ve been working on it for years and have done an amazing job creating a performant and feature complete notation app that works totally in browser. Awesome work with this piece @LuckyMojo, thanks for sharing!

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There’s no doubt, this is the best guitar community on the web…


A lot of you liked my recent Yngwie transcription / tab - thanks for that!

I’m interested in doing more of a monthly transcription project and would like your feedback. What guitarists are you interested in seeing transcribed?

Take the (very) short survey linked below. I’ll let you know the results and what to expect for the next transcribed solo. Thanks!

New Transcription Survey

EDIT: Survey is now closed. Check the new thread for results: New Transcription / Tab Project


WOW! I’m totally blown away by the quality and rubric behind this entire project. This is pretty similar to what I’ve tried to accomplish with my “Eruption” transcription and future Van Halen related projects. I LOVE how the original recording follows along with the transcription in time. Like others have mentioned, I have seen god-awful attempts with an electronic piano sound following the guitar…terrible. And the accuracy of the piece is astonishing.

This was a real treat for me because “Far Beyond The Sun” is my favorite Yngwie piece…I’ve not studied him to any degree (the only Yngwie song I ever learned was “Farewell”, but that doesn’t count!) except for a few stabs at some licks from this tune…this transcription is extremely well done and helpful and it sets a high bar for people like me who love to transcribe!



Awesome work
inspires me to get practicing


this is absolutely perfect! @LuckyMojo, can I have your permission to use your tab to create a Custom DLC for the “Rocksmith” video game?

The Rocksmith community over at Twitch is holding an online festival in December and I’ll be playing Yngwie Malmsteen songs. This is absolutely invaluable!

Anyways, this tab will be fantastic to practice to! Thanks so much!