Found a package on my front step this morning while leaving for work

Mailman must have come by super early, between my wife leaving and me. I didn’t have time to even open it, but it was a smallish-sized box from Troy Grady, and I can’t imagine what else would be in there aside from a Magnet - looks like they’re now shipping!

Thoughts tonight, if I get some time to pull it out. I’ve steadily been destroying the year-old set of Elixirs on my Strat, this is probably going to force me to restring. :laughing:


I got an email from Kickstarter to say that Magnets are shipping, it’s nice to see that people are already receiving them.

I should have two coming myself, but I’m Ireland so I’m expect it will take longer to arrive. Hopefully, they come before the holidays.


Mine’s out for delivery. Much excite wow


VERY early first impression - will take a little practice to get good at mounting, and will DEFINITELY take some practice to remember that, as a purely hypothetical example, if you have your Magnet mounted at the 15th fret and try to slide to the 15th fret at the end of a picked run, you’re going to come up a half step flat. :laughing:

Pretty cool though, and a much easier/better angle than what I’ve been doing. Right off the bat, on a run that should be possible to play entirely downstroke-escaped, I’m doing a bit of a rotational thing like I’d usually do to work in an escaped upstroke in a few places where it isn’t really necessary, which is… interesting.


first read through I missed the “and” in that sentence and thought “good thing he got the magnet, he really needs a pick me up!”


I received my magnet this afternoon, a huge surprise. Nicely packaged. I have yet to actually try it out but am looking forward to it.

I’ve been getting a bit envious seeing everybody getting their magnets. Mine have shipped, looking forward to using them over the holidays.


Mine also arrived today.

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Hahahaha I just caught that. Man’s best friend.

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Same… unfortunately I wasn’t around during the kickstarter time so gotta wait until they go on sale :pray::pray::pray:

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I’d imagine they’ll have enough inventory to cover most people here in your position. At the very least, the R&D stages are done.


Oh damn! :laughing:

Nah, I mean, I guess, yes, technically she left me… to go to work… while planning on coming home after work… but, lol.

Of course, a day or two after getting the Magnet I left for a week in northen Baja Mexico, so I haven’t spent more than a few moments with it. I will though as soon as I have a chance, but from what little messing around I’ve done, it’s clear that there’s some unnecessary motion going on i should probably figure out how to dial out.

Also, I’m gradually becoming more aware of the fact that after like 20 years of playing almost entirely legato, I have some fretting hand rhythmic irregularity to dial out, before my picking is going to become as clean as I’d like.

I’m in complete denial about this in my own playing, for sure.

In my limited teaching experience, this has often been the root of synchronisation issues.


How do you ultimately find out have a fretting hand irregularity? Is it possible to “diagnose” without a magnet or super slow footage?

Is your picking even? Do you still have coordination issues? Then it’s probably your fretting hand not being meter perfect.

You could also record something and slow it down in a digital audio editor to check this too.

In my case I think I’d gradually developed the habit of “rushing” legato notes along a single string and then lagging a little on the string change, so if I was playing a 3-note pattern in triplets, the downbeats would all be pretty well in the pocket, but the second and, especially, third would be early. So, instead of one-two-three-one-two-three etc it would be more like onetwothree—onetwothree—etc.

I’m working on it - going back lately and chipping away at Satch’s Echoes solo, which is EXTREMELY fluid, seems to be helping. I think noting his habit of sometimes using odd groupings and “squeezing” in the extra notes to make them fit kind of enabled me to build some sloppy habits that I’m now trying to undo - I missed the fact, as a teenager, that when he was doing this he was also extremely in the pocket, and lost some of that myself.

Mine arrived this afternoon, there were delays with the Irish customs and post offices because of Christmas. Looking forward to playing with them.


I need to get one of these!!

Mine still appears to be stuck in customs limbo :sleepy:

Just that time of year I suppose.