Gabrielthorn 3nps scale playing

@Troy As my escape motion is DSX and I’m using my elbow as you’ve pointed out on my pentatonic lick video, I’m wondering what I’m doing here with playing scales is correct or not. Sorry for the quality, I only have my webcam at the moment for recording. I also included 2 slow motion versions, one with distorted audio but the speed may not be slow enough so I’ve done a super slow motion version with no audio at all too (apologies for the watermark on the video).

On the ascending runs I’m sure I’m doing swiping after every 6 notes. On the descending ones I think I usually get around the string after the upstroke, more cleanly. I think my ascending version is number 3, but not sure about it, and I have no clue about the descending one.

Normal speed

Slow motion

Super slow motion

Thank you for checking it and for any comments.


Hey Gabriel,

Moved it here to avoid derailing the general topic on 3nps scale playing.

In any case this sounds good to me - and what sounds good is good!

Upon a quick look you don’t appear to use elbow exclusively, at the very least there may be some wrist and / or forearm action to assist you in the upstroke string changes. I think it’s working great so I see no reason to change it - unless you feel discomfort!

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No worries Tommo. Doing the ascending version feels a little uncomfortable but if I forget about the swipes and just “let it happen”, it’s okay. The descending part feels very comfortable.

I’m in the same boat :slight_smile:

I came to the conclusion that good rhythm and good sync takes priority over “avoiding swipes”.

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I feel less and less alone here :slight_smile:

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