Has Tony Macalpine Been Asked For a MIM Interview?


If so, what did Tony say? Tony is certainly one of the most talented and technical guitarists from the Shrapnel Records label but for some reason, I very rarely see Tony Macalpine mentioned by the CTC team. What do you guys think of Tony’s playing? Are you fans of his?

Is he a primary upward or downward pick slanter? Does he do 2 way pick slanting? Cross picking?


Macalpine is awesome - Maximum Security is one of my favorite 80s shred albums (though, to be fair, Lynch’s lead break on “Tears of Sahara” is my favorite solo on that album). As I understand Tony’s been a little busy beating cancer, but last I heard he was in remission and should be back to making music soon.

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Funny this thread should come up today. Extreme posted on their instagram today about their participation in a Monsters of Rock cruise, and Tony Macalpine is listed as another act on the poster:


That cruise has a good lineup!

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know for a fact that most of those names wont be as u remembered them lol

for example the Bulletboys. I loved them when they were current. I thought Marq Torien had one of the coolest voices ever…but he for sure lost his voice at some point and im pretty sure he will be the only original member and last I heard HE was playing lead guitar etc

Faster Pussycat. Same deal. a lot of these bands (LA GUNS comes to mind) have several versions of the band using the original name with this or that original member

Mike Tramp. again, loved his voice back then. Nice light youthful tenor. yeah, that was 1987 though, this is 2019 lol. Im guessing he will sing an octave lower? lol

Nice to see all those old names though

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Not to hijack the TMac thread…I played with Metal Church on the 2016 MOR Cruise. Theme was “Shredders from the Deep”. Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, Uli Jon Roth, MAB, Extreme, Akira Takasaki and more played–plus some Q&A clinic stuff. It was 5 days of guitar heaven getting to see all those guys up close all in one place. :slight_smile:

The band “Lies Deceit and Treachery” listed on there for this year is Mick Sweda and the the other original Bulletboys guys with I think Andrew Freeman singing. So that band is more Bulletboys than the Bulletboys lol.


Cool! I have three Metal Church albums.

How was the cruise? Were the people there having a good time? Do you recommend those cruises?


It was like MTV spring break for late 40s and 50 somethings. :sunglasses: I suppose it depends on who is playing–it’s kind of a captive audience and most of the artists are hanging around–it’s great if you want to be able to talk to people. No one is in a hurry and nobody has anywhere to be. Had the opportunity to talk with MAB and Vinnie M. It’s surreal to be eating dinner and there’s George Lynch and Dave Meniketti in there too.

I don’t know if I would pay to go on one–it would have to be a guitar-oriented cruise like that one was for me to go again if I wasn’t playing.

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Tony is great, definitely on our list of players we’d love to sit down with for an interview. I believe we reached out a while ago but didn’t hear back, I’m sure it was bad timing on our part. We can definitely try again at some point.

I haven’t looked specifically; I’m sure Troy could answer this but there must be plenty of footage out there of Tony’s playing, in which case…I think any Cracking the Code regulars should be able to do a bit of video analysis and decipher the basics of his technique! Could be a fun challenge if anyone wants to start a topic discussing Tony’s technique :smiley:

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