Hello everyone. Excited to meet u all!


Hello everyone. My tag is DankPW. People can call me DP if they want,I’m 23 and grew up in the deep south of alabama and louisiana. Played guitar for around 10 years, but quit for about a year and a half and came back last February. Was gigging professionally before that but depression hit hard as well as becoming a drug addict which made things even worse for me. But decided to take up scholarships for a local community college for guitar, lost 80 pounds of fat since then, quit everything that was killing me, and went back to doing the only thing I truely love which is guitar. I’m excited to learn more from you guys, Troy’s videos helped me hugely with getting back to where I was and all I want to do is keep improving.

I mostly play in cover bands rn, mostly hard and classic rock and my family is from new Orleans and lived there until katrina, so I grew up with jazz and soul and love playing it.

If there is anything I would like to ask to you guys though it would probably be what do you guys think about circle picking? Because I notice that when I dont think I use it alot more then I thought. Also would like some advice for improving my legatos, learning a more technique based way of thinking about it I think would help me I think. But it seems that troy forums are more focused on methods of picking which I’m fine with.


Hey, welcome to the forum and great to hear you’re back playing guitar! Glad our stuff has been helpful so far :slight_smile:

Circle picking has come up a few times on here, for example:

You can read some of Troy’s thoughts on the term there. Basically that ‘circle picking’ is kind of an overly general term that can refer to different variations of finger movement, but usually isn’t talked about in a way that clearly describes the actual technique.

If you’d like to share some video of your picking, please feel free! That’s probably the best way to get specific feedback on your technique. If that’s of interest, our Getting Started section has some detail on how “Technique Critique” works on the forum: