I am a Viking opening run - DSX translation

Hi. I was bored today and tried to translate that legendary run to DSX. Ascending part is 3 notes starting on D, on next strings I do some position shifting to keep it 4NPS to match the rules of DSX. G string - shift with index finger, fret 4 to 5, B string - shift with pinky from fret 10 to 12. That way is comfy for me, you can do it your on way if you keep an even number of notes on G and B.
Descending part is mostly alternate picking with some economy, basically if you have a downstroke string change you play alternate, when you have an upstroke string change, you sweep.

To be honest I don’t really pay attention to rhythm when playing this, I’m just trying to play it fast enough to fit it in time.


Sounds killer!

I think this is the right way to do it! I have the impression that many YJM runs are constructed like this: just squeeze a lot of notes in and end on the right beat :slight_smile: