Im struggling with what technique im using and identifying it

so from feedback of the tremolo test I posted before I keep getting told I use DSX, even though I barely pick upward the first note, it feels like very awkward as a movement and kinda slow. however when I try to smooth my upstroke since I was trying USX, my pick slant is a tiny bit leading upwards, so what motion am I really doing?

the post itself:

im confused but I also think its because previously ive been told by teachers to economy pick all my playing almost so maybe that’s why im getting an escape downward while slanting downward ?because the first note on the string below the first one starting any phrase Is also picked downward so it changes the way “up down” patterns go, im pretty lost on what I need help on what to do, do i escape downward , upward? am I tilting the pick right? I honestly am lost.

Also I got an audition for a music university and im struggling a bit on the song I picked( Final Countdown-Europe). I have 90% of it correct it just feels like one last reach and I can get it. But part of it has been me obsessing wether Im dsx or usx or something else entirely and im starting to play it not as well due to overthinking and worrying if I don’t get my technique perfect, to the point my sweeps are now rougher rather then smooth

USX Pentatonic-exercise from testing your motions CTC

Same one but in DSX

My attempt at trying to get fast w dsx

My attempt at final countdown: just to get an idea of my technique in a song

All of the attempts look like DSX. Your escapes regardless of hand position are escaping away from the body on downstrokes.

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I think you have some misunderstanding with slants and escapes.

Your dsx pentatonic should be starting with an upstroke, not a downstroke. The downstroke needs to escape over the string.

You have a very fast dsx tremolo as seen in two of your other threads, but you need to match it with the right phrases. Try the pentatonic starting with an upstroke. The downstroke needs to be the last note before the string change and it should sail right over the next string.


its still very unorthodox but I will try, it still is annoying to have my economy picking habbits making me play differently when string changing, also does that mean I shouldn’t practice usx? lots of the stuff I listen to sadly is usx

got it my pick slant is what confused m a bit thank u

Practice USX. There’s nothing wrong with developing it, but I would do so on the side not before an audition. The quickest way you are going to get to where you want to go is to develop what you can already do.

And you can play USX lines with a dsx, but you just have to be cognizant of where you are changing strings and match that with the escape you use. Nothing is off limits you just have to play them with different pick strokes than notated.

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I just tried playing both the lines in the solo starting an upstroke, first few times it felt weird but now they feel way faster and smoother, thank u!

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also sorry for another question should I relearn the solo with upstrokes? minus the sweeps obv lol

Before an audition? Risky, but it depends on how much time you have and whether you feel it will benefit you. If you think you have the time and you can see the improvement sure. If you think you are better off doing what you already know than stick with that.

Fwiw, that solo isn’t really at the speed you would worry about too much, it’s at a pretty forgiving tempo, so just focus on nailing the sweeps as good as you can. The rest you can likely intuitively do what ever with out have to worry about any of this.

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