Ive improved my tremolo but im lost on what to do?

Hi, this morning I posted a tremolo topic which I got advice on how to review, which I had to either tilt or press my thumb a tiny bit which made my hand look less pick slanted but still a tiny bit,i can’t get it every time its like a lottery wheel one moment its there the other it not, sometimes I feel a breakthrough in the way im picking and feel amazing then it feels im back to zero

FYI: for the second one, at a certain speed to go even faster then the fast speed I was I start using my elbow and forearm
this is a before I saw chapter “six of cracking the code fixing the slant”

And after I watched it for the second time

I think this is great work. Whenever you do something a little new to you, you’ll experience randomness. Just try to really pay attention to when it’s “on” and what that feels like.

I think the next recommended step is to make sure your hand sync is rock solid. Once that is all taken care of, play phrases that work with your escape. Which in your case looks like DSX (change strings after downstrokes).

Great tremolo!


thank u so much! hand synch is a real problem w me but the chunking exercise should do it thank u !

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As usual I agree with you :smiley:

Yeah the next steps would be:

  1. work on hand sync on 1 string (e.g. Yngwie patterns and whatnot)
  2. try licks that only change strings after downstrokes

thank you! im also changing licks to fit the downstroke style

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