Inside picking and high action

Hi fellow pickers,

From the beginning I started playing with pretty high action. My first was a nylon string guitar, my first serious electric was a -72 Fender Strat and because of the fretboard radius, you couldn’t bend strings with low action. Strings were lighter in the 70s: 009 was “normal”, 008 was “light” and 010 was considered “heavy”, suitable for strumming open G chords on a tele.

I’ve always favored inside picking for fast patterns. My theory is that with high action, especially above the 12. fret, the strings under the pick actually jumps up and down. The last note on a string is out of the way for a split second, enough time for the pick to move to the next string, which is much higher. This explains why I never keep my index down like a capo while moving the other fingers.

This technique favors inside picking. Thoughts?


I remember reading this which is related to your idea:

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