Jake E. Lee, Bark @ the Moon, pre chorus, 16th note riffs

I’ve been working on the fills that Jake
Inserts in the pre chorus for a while…

---- 4 4 --------2 2----------5 5------------4 4—
---------2 2 --------2 2 ------------2 2 -----------2 2

It’s a tight double picking riff…
Heavy muting, when I start to build up speed it becomes mushy crossing back and fotrth on the low e/a strings…

Any advice on this lick??

I use upstroke escape motions for that lick. It is pretty tough, especially as the song is fairly fast.


I use up strokes as well, that’s the way to go.
I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds this riff challenging

Jake was great in the 80s…

As I remember, this riff does a string skip, something like this:
------------------------------2 2----------------------
---- 4 4 --------2 2-------------------------5 5—------
---------2 2 --------2 2 ------------2 2 -----------2 2

I can’t imagine trying to do this with pick-slanting without doing a lot of swiping.

Sometimes I just play it as 8th notes :smiley: I need energy for the solo!

The riff is strictly on the E and A strings, no skipping to the d string

Maybe it was later in the song. Or maybe I was reading a poorly transcribed version of it… but I remember seeing it… and thinking… holy crap.

This is a great little exercise! I’ve actually broken this song down into a handful of exercises and it’s been helpful. If I remember correctly, troy mentioned something to the extent that the majority of these guys from the 80’s being downward pick slanters with only a few being exceptions. But to the best of my knowledge, Jake and Randy both played licks that would require both upward and downward pick slanting (2wps)

Put a video of you playing it up.

This one is cool

FYI if you paste the youtube link on its own line, the forum will embed it for easiest playing. Just make sure there are no spaces or other text on the same line. I just edited that. No biggie, just an FYI. Thx.

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I don’t know if that’s true, and if I said that, I apologize! It might be true. I’m just not sure if it is or isn’t.

However this type of phrase is indeed a classic “dwps” phrase, especially with a wrist/forearm motion, because of the muting. Ths is basically Doug Aldrich’s forte, and why he’s a great fit for the Whitesnake tunes that have this type of phrase in it:


I think this Bark at the Moon lick is perfect for Troy’s new video Don’t “Work Up” to Picking Speed – Start with It! Put the lick on a loop “up to speed” (147 bpm) and go for it! I try to focus on the right hand picking and let the left hand fall into place. Good luck and have fun!