Jason Sulliman on starting with (not working up to) 'fast'

This guy’s approach to working on fast licks is SO much like what’s promoted here on CTC. In fact, Troy gets a shout-out on the bulletproofmusician piece where I found the following link to Sulliman demonstrating the technique:

[~15 min long]

He’s got a doctorate in music pedagogy plus he’s working on a degree in keinisiology (sp?) - in other words, the man is made to explain this stuff. One of the best vids I’ve ever seen on practice. Enjoy:)

(I should add that Noa at bulletproof has an hour-long interview with Sulliman. Haven’t listened yet, but it’s gotta’ be good.)


This is awesome. I wish there was more stuff like this where accomplished players would show us the process, not just the final product.