Let's study Per Nilsson's new video!

Hey everybody! Let’s study Per Nilsson’s new improvisation video for a bit!

The image quality isn’t the best in the world, but it does have one good angle to see a few picking motions.

Per is an incredibly tight player with great chops for both lead and rhythm. In this video, I think I see him doing at least:

  • Some DSX with quite a pronated arm position, first at 0:11
  • Double escape-like motions at 0:38, 2:22 and 3:52
  • Wrist motion, some thumb motion too
  • Possibly a change from pronated to more supinated arm position at 4:00, seen briefly before the camera cuts to another angle

What else do people see him doing here?

Obviously there is a ton of legato and hybrid picking too, and I think Nilsson’s technique isn’t strictly alternate picking-based anyway. But what he picks, he picks with huge conviction. Even live he is super clean, which wouldn’t be possible if he didn’t have his technique pocketed.

I’m not surprised that he’s using so many different forms in this clip, since he’s improvising and these licks are quite varied. The technique looks, as expected, very freeform and not micromanaged. As it should be, in my opinion.

Any thoughts, observations?

Let’s keep up the hard work, all!


I know this is a technique forum mostly, but what amazes me with players like Per (besides the ridiculous technique) is the insane theory knowledge they have and their vocabulary.