Magnets being shipped?

So I was looking for updates regarding the kickstarter magnets. I forget who it was writing, but they stated that the magnets are being sent out in boxes, no bubble wrap, etc.

I don’t believe I’ve even received anything requesting my address. Are they being shipped?

I don’t think the production has finished yet.

Nothing is being shipped yet! As Gabriel points out, we’re still working with the factory to make them. Here’s our latest update:

We send these updates by email through Kickstarter, and we also post them on the blog. Are you subscribed to the Kickstarter mailing list? If so, you should be seeing them.

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@Troy There are going to be soooooo many magnet POV posts when it gets delivered. Can I buy stock in this?

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I thought I was. I’ll have to check again. Thanks…

You and I both…

It seems as if the parts on shapeways are no longer available. I did buy the instructions back in 2018, but just remembered about it again and am really craving some of that camera angle! What can be done?

For whatever it’s worth, in the meantime I had some success with this set up, but a little inconvenient:

the post with that angle: DBX clips for problem solving: stumped on 4 string roll

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So, are these ever going to be delivered? I believe we’re going on 2 years now? I worked in research and development and never saw anything take this long. Just wondering if I should just write this off…

Here is one of the recent replies Troy gave on the kickstarter:

the factory is almost finished making them, and they should be shipping to us via container ship soon. We don’t know how long that will take but we’ll send an update to the mailing list when we know more.


Don’t know about you, but I got a pretty great email this morning…


Yes. One step closer.

Then I thought of Troy stuffing all those envelops 1 by 1 :scream: :grimacing: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

Just think of all the amazing guitar players this will help create though!

Can anybody tell me how I can go about getting one of these? Is it too late? Would I have had to get one through the Kickstarter? If it’s not going to be possible, does anybody have any Magnet DIY solutions that work?

Wonderful news recently about the Magnets! Question: The delivery address email has NOT been sent yet, right? Just worried I’ll somehow miss it, it goes to spam folder or something…

I’m interested in purchasing one also, but I think they are being shipped to kickstarter folk first. Hopefully they will become available to buy afterwards.


I just got the shipping info confirmation request from Kickstarter. So excited! Just a heads up for all the other backers to keep an eye on your email.

Same. Looking forward to getting it.

EDIT: Getting “them.” I forgot I had ordered two.

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