Most aggressive rock licks and solos?

Im always looking for inspiration and as my technical skills increase im looking for new avenues of expression.

Specifically looking for aggressive sounding licks. Maybe even somewhat flashy or possibly even diminished or even whole tone or other exotic stuff if its jumps out at you etc

for example, Vai/Satch stuff isnt that aggressive. Eddie isnt either, he is more like “wow, im a cool dude in Cali”

I guess Zakk Wylde is pretty aggressive sounding, any good examples come to mind (not riffs…solos)

Yngwie can be quite aggressive when he wants to but ive OD’ed on Yngwie and Eddie for years so im looking for some fresh ideas

Ill give a couple examples off the top of my head.

This opening lick just grabs you. Then the little muted part at like 225 is really in your face

this little muted part before it kicks into doubletime

another muted part, where he does the lick then sort of accelerates it 4:01 - 4:03 ish

so I guess im looking for good aggressive palm muted stuff in solos, maybe on low strings but not necessarily limited to low strings

any ideas?

(im checking some Nuno stuff, its cool of course but then he always gonna throw in some major sounding stuff or a dozen modulations…its almost like aggressive Charlie Brown music)

Thanks, JJ


This song has one of the most aggressive solos that come to mind right now.

This guy is where Vivian Campbell got his inspiration so if you like him, you’ll probably like this solo.


yeah Gary was a beast. he influenced that whole generation…Viv, Sykes, Rhoads etc

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3:10 Great solo, real aggressive/expressive picking and bending. One of my faves.


Vinnie’s solo on In control is pure madness (around 2:40 )

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I’m glad someone already posted some Decapitated, but I think we need more.


Another personal favourite:

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Check out Dave Dipietro, he taught Zakk Wylde!
Doug is great too.

I think Mattius Jabs on love, first sting has some aggressive solos - “same thrill”

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Total shred, aggressive but beautifully played! I need to check that album out. I haven’t heard great amounts of his material, but I love it!

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Dimebag - cowboys
Accept - balls
Fire wind
Fifth angel - midnight love
Randy’s live stuff is very aggressive, check out the tribute album

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Dave’s great, he’s a hometown boy from the area I grew up in, Long Island NY. Used to see him play all the local clubs with TT Quick back in the day. They were actually from Jersey, but they gigged on the Island all the time.

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Mike Orlando is very aggressive, so is the guitarist from TNT.


There’s so many of these modern day metal bands where I wish they would release a copy of the album without the singing. It just ruins it for me. It’s the genre and it is what it is I guess. I wish I could get into it because I’m missing out on a ton of awesome guitar stuff.

What other bands sound like Lamb of God but don’t have any vocals?


The reason it ruins it for you is because there is no melody in the “singing.” They think the more abrasive sounding they can make it, the heavier it will be. Heaviness and abrasiveness are two different things. Music is melody and melody is music.


^ Some guy tabbed out that entire solo if anyone wants to take licks from it.

I know Al isn’t rock lol but his picking is insane.


I know you said you OD on malmsteen, but his playing on marching out is nothing short of amazing, and imo his best. Furious playing

Also, check out live sentence on Amazon prime, he is spectacular on that video