Motivation tips

Hello all!

So I’m at a bit of a crossroads. My current life as a father and husband has me working 40-50 hours a work. I work as a jack of all trades and build and service rental buildings.

I am usually very tired but I’m always motivated come my little ones bedtime to go play my guitar for an hour or two. That’s what my wife and I have agreed is a fair amount of time before we spend our time together. I play everyday as a general. Lately however, I finished this song I’d had percolating for four years, I’ve hit what seemed unattainable goals on the guitar technique wisethat I’m kind of afraid to try again for fear I won’t be able to do them now. I’ve taken two nights off this week and every other night has been out of habit, not desire.

Basically, I don’t know what to do. Im happy with my technique, I don’t have a song I’m working on, my passion for guitar is more out of principal than joy. I’m not even in a rut per se… I’m just… not that into it?

I don’t want to stop playing, it’s my life passion. I don’t want to lose my ability after working so hard post botulism to get to a level ive never been at but I’m just in a weird purgatory of not knowing what to do. It’s a first for me in my 28 years on earth. Ever since I’ve had a guitar in my hands ive always had some goal in mind. Some skill to work on, some song to learn or write.

This last song was just so “perfect” it really feels like my swan song. I just don’t know where to go from here. Hell, I’m actually scared to. What if this is as good as it gets? Not a fan of negative thinking, I’m sure there’s more out there. Just writing all my thoughts down…

Has anyone had experience with this?

Just watched a sweet Jeff Beck performance on YouTube… motivation and inspiration but most of all excitement achieved!! Lol

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Heh that was going to be my suggestion, just start consuming other music until you run across something that slaps you in the head and gives you no choice BUT to pick up your guitar, but it seems like you got there already, nice!

Happy playing


Sometimes after a win -like finishing a song you are proud of, or having a technical breakthrough - there a little ‘post-accomplishment depression’. …I think it’s somewhat common. Take a break for a week. It’s OK.


What are your favorite music genres? Maybe try to discover new players from those circles that motivate you. Take a lick and try to distill the technique or harmonic idea out of it, and use it in a song of your own. If the idea was originally within a solo, try using it in a riff or vice-versa.

Are you interested in music theory perhaps, or maybe curious about some certain aspect of it? Maybe try taking a theoretical topic and see if you can implement that in a new song. I found cool results last year when I decided that I’d choose an unfamiliar mode and make a chord progression strictly based on it.

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Thanks for all the awesome ideas!! I actually have started messing around with no compression on my patches and using my volume knob. I play approximately 90% of the time with an overdriven tone, 99% of the time with volume at max and my bridge pickup. Allowing the amp (simulator lol) to breathe and rolling the volume has been really cool and been very inspiring.

Thanks to that Jeff Beck video I watched.

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Take a piece of music that you feel intimidated by and demystify it by learning to play it the best you can, anything by Steve Vai makes you work on melody, technique and dynamics. Take a classical piece and learn it, music for violin played on guitar is always challenging.
The piece of music that you think you cannot play is the one you’ve got to study because that’s music growth guaranteed. (I feel anyway)
I hope this helps

Motivation is a very personal thing. What works for one person might not work for another.

In my personal experience and that of those around me:

.Trying new genres. You may feel you’ve exhausted one road but there is plenty of uncharted territories.

. Playing with new people. This is often quite inspiring per se.

. Learning something different. Have you tried different chord voicings? Different textures?

. Learning another instrument. WHAT? Crazy, right? Well, how much better could your guitar playing be if complemented with some bad-ass bass techniques or piano skills? It might be another step towards full musicianship.

. Learning to read music. An intellectual challenge for adults that opens the doors to learning music beyond your usual boundaries.

This is just my thinking. Be kind to yourself. Life can be messy when you’re a busy adult and things get more and more complicated. You might be going through a blip and find yourself full of beans again in a few years, playing in a band and composing themes that thrill you, who knows. Or, you might settle for the pleasure of playing at home and that’s it.

Best of luck!