New here with Videos to critic

Finally I was able to take decent enough shots.

  1. Some days feel better than others - I first want to know if my picking motion is correct. I switched to trigger. Downward pick slant, upward escape.
  2. “shredding” feels bouncy when I stand up with the strap.
  3. While sitting down I get shoulder pain if I don’t have enough elevation (I thought about changing to holding the guitar the classical way on the left leg). with enough elevation it’s “ok”.
  4. Thank you all in advance

Hey @Godric welcome!

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Videos are available. Please help. :sweat_smile:

Hi @Godric. Even though you may be slanting your pick downward, the escapes won’t naturally be happening after an upstroke with your motion, they’ll be happening after a downstroke. In other words the motion you are using is DSX so doing things like a chromatic 1 2 3 4 is going to have you feeling very ‘stuck’. Something like ascending 6’s should feel much more natural given the motion you’re doing:


Quick review looks like DSX elbow to me!


Thank you very much! I assume this means I should switch the pick slant to upward pick slant.
Man, starting licks with an upstroke will take time getting used to!

I think the focus on ‘slant’ should be replaced with a focused on ‘escape’. Troy’s done tons of research since the early days where the thinking was more about slant. Now, the understanding is that certain joint movements work better with upward vs downward escapes. Typically when people have an elbow based DSX they pronate a little and that does cause a little bit of an upward slant. But you get that for free, without even worrying about it since the grip/setup just does this for you. Basically, just sort of go with what you’re body is trying to do in this situation and let the slant take care of itself.

I know what you mean. It gets easier with a little time! But just to be clear, you don’t really have to do that (unless there are licks you really enjoy that are even numbers of notes on all strings). There are dozens of licks that sound awesome and change strings after a downstroke, but still allow you to start with a downstroke.

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@Godric I don’t think you necessarily “need” to start lines on an upstroke if you don’t want to. The riff that @joebegly posted is perfect to start with a downstroke using DSX.

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I didn’t know my motion was elbow based, or involved. I was focusing on using wrist motion mainly. I guess it is a combination.

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!
Your insight on my picking has helped me realize what’s really going on. I feel better already playing licks I know and just playing scales feels smoother. Cheers!

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Hey @Godric, awesome news! That’s exciting. Keep us posted on your progress.

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