Out in the Fields solo with a downstroke escape

I know there have been a couple of posts about this ascending run of Gary Moore’s. I don’t know if anyone has done an examination of his technique? I have been trying to come up with a way of playing this run with downstroke escapes and an upstroke sweep - thanks to Adam Przezdziecki for validating using this - and this way is starting to work for me. It is still problematic in certain areas but wondered what others thought?

Out In The Fields.pdf (82.5 KB)

I gave it a try. Possible with a couple of weird fingerings and position shifts. Not sure if I’m playing it 100% like on the record. I’ll probably tab it tomorrow so everybody can learn.
BTW There’s no economy picking involved, it can be played using USX with reversed pickstrokes. Even NPS all the time.


That is fab. I haven’t had time to try and take a video of myself trying to play it today, but I like the way you have done it. I’d probably rather alternate pick the whole thing instead of the pull-offs and odd positions in my tab (which I got from other sources over the years). My other problem is my left-hand fourth finger, and if I can play it higher on the neck with fingers 1, 2, and 3, that also makes it more achievable. I’d love to see your tab.

DSX - start on upstroke
USX - start on downstroke
I’m always position shifting with my index finger.


Thanks so much Adam, I am going to work on this.


Your notes look 100% to me.

For comparison, here’s what I think Gary plays…very slippery in places:

Btw, been lurking for ages but I think this is my first post here!

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