Paul Gilbert on Mechanics! Using the shoulder!


Hi folks, it seems that Paul is teaching string skipping mentioning the use of the shoulder…i suspect he’s aware of CTC now!

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I’m not so sure. from 4:36 to 4:56 he demonstrates and describes an escaped downstroke. But in the same lick, he’s immediately following that escaped downstroke with an escaped upstroke which he doesn’t really pay any attention to. He talks about the importance of clearing the G on the follow-through of the downstroke, but glosses over the clearing of the G on the follow-through of the subsequent upstroke. That to me says that a bunch of this is more second-nature/intuition to him rather than being acutely aware of or putting much conceptual weight behind the importance of escaped strokes (even the escaped downstroke is something he covers in 10 seconds and moves on).


Well, it’s the first time that i hear him talking about the shoulder mechanics to track the strings, so he actually consider 2 movements, the picking and the tracking…


I actually posted a clip of Paul talking about using the shoulder in another thread: