Pick motion for pinch harmonics


I’ve decided that I just don’t do enough pinch harmonics, so now I’m trying to integrate them with my playing (basically 2WPS with some double-escaped); yeah, I gotta cover the cake in frosting.

The best pinch harmonics that I can do are DWPS trapped rest strokes where my thumb “bounces off” the string that is ringing.

I can’t do them at all on UWPS.

I can do them somewhat OK on double-escaped motions, but really on the downstoke only.

How do you do them? And has @Troy made any remarks about this? I am about to make this statement, and wondering if it is correct: “Pinch harmonics can only be made on downstrokes when the thumb brushes agaist the string that is ringing.”


This is a very good lesson on them :slight_smile:


Check out some Frank for upstroke right hand harmonics:


Oh yeah that was cool and unusual, at times I could also do it (not consistently). However, I have no idea how this can be compatible with causality :rofl:

Edit: I mean, the thumb has crossed the string before the pickstroke! (Or maybe at the same time?)


Pinch harmonics are an application where finger movement is worth its weight in gold.

Holding the pick in the standard style, fret the 7th fret. Rest the side of your thumb on the string over the 19th fret, and then use finger and thumb movement to make the pick sound the string. With some practice, you’ll be able to get clear artificial harmonics with both up and down strokes.