Pick Recommendations

Okay - I am looking for something that is like a Jazz III, bigger though maybe and hopefully something that won’t get destroyed so easily… Is there such a thing? Thanks guys!

Maybe Swiss picks? They are similarly pointy (in certain varieties)

There is also the John Petrucci Trinity. Cheaper and easier to get ahold of than the Swiss picks. Pretty much indestructible too.


Hmmn Swiss picks - I shall investigate! Thanks, Joe! I have some V-Picks, but I ruined those and they were damn expensive so I just keep coming back to Jazz IIIs

Have you tried Dunlop’s Ultex Flow? They’re nigh indestructible, pointy but with a rounded and beveled edge, and larger than a Jazz III. They also have embossed writing on them, so are quite easy to grip. Real easy to use, imo.

If you don’t like the sound of Ultex, you can get the same pick in Tortex (probably something else, too).


There’s also the Jazz III XL which is similar in size to the Flow, and then there’s the TIII which is bigger but still has a similar pointy tip. I prefer the TIII, probably because I play big ass strings (70-10).


I use these. I love them. They do wear eventually but it takes a long time! You will lose them first.


The Trinity seems to be three Flow points.

I also play the Flow, in 2.0mm.

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The Petrucci Jazz III is made of ultex. That stuf is nigh-on indestructible.

As was mentioned, the Jazz XL is an option. The Trinity is cool, but does have a different feel vs a normal Jazz III shape. Ultex and 3 identical points mean it lasts f o r e v e e r.

Also check out the Dunlop Stubby.

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BlueChip Jazz 50 Guitar pick.

I’ve been using one of their thumb pick for the better part of a year and I see little or no wear. Expensive but they sound damn good too. I think it’s worth trying one. To be honest I’m really impressed by the tone and feel of their material, and was rather annoyed to learn that fact.

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The John Petrucci Jazz III is ever so slightly larger than the regular Jazz III. These are probably my favorite picks of all time as they wear they get a nice bevel on the edge that makes them play better with age imo.

The John Petrucci flow is larger and strudier. There are a little slippery to hold.

The Ernie Ball Prodigy standards are an option as well.

If you really like the Jazz III shape and don’t mind the size. The black Jazz III stiffos are made of a sturdier material than the standard nylon.

It’s like in between nylon and ultex on the hardness scale so it doesn’t chirp as easy as ultex.

Here is one of my JPJIIIs
I honestly have no clue how old it is. I bought the largest bag you could buy of these from Dunlop almost 10 years ago and I’ve probably used less than a quarter of them.

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Hey! Thanks, everybody for all of the great suggestions! I am interested in the Bluechip jazz 50 - I mean, not only is it a highly revered guitar pick but it’s also a fantastic way to get rid of money!



This fits what you’re describing, have you used one? I really like them.

Though like almost all picks I’ve owned, dispite having like ten a few years ago, I can’t even find one lol. All my favorite picks seem to just disappear.

That one is bigger than the red jazz 3, same shape, and ultex ofcourse not nylon. The raised text on it gives a nice grip.

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Petrucci has two Ultex versions of this. One in black and the other in red. From what I can tell, it’s the same pick. Just in different colors. Both say Ultex Primetone, identical thickness and shape.


hahaha I am trying them all I think! I got some of the Petrucci jazz III’s; Not sure I like them, plus I destroyed one of the three hahaha.

Ordered in some of the bigger JD ultex guys - I’ll letcha know if they work!

Do any of these companies make a combo-bag of every pick they have? I used those god awful triangle Clayton picks in the 90s because I saw Slayer used them. Their logo looks awesome on those, but they sucked lol Eventually, I ended up using a regular sized pick but it had a hole in it so it stayed put. I looked them up now and they’re called Everly Stars.

I use the 1.14 Tortex Jazz III now because it came with the guitar I borrowed from a friend when I wanted to see if I could actually start playing again. I like it but I have nothing to compare it to. Those Prodigy picks look interesting and I like the look of the Petrucci’s.

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Dunlop makes an obscene number of different picks. They do offer stuff like this:

John Petrucci Variety Guitar Picks 6-Pack: Guitar Center

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Dunlop has a ‘shred pick’ variety pack so you can try a bunch of different ones.

Lately I’ve been trying Dava picks. They have some that are midway between a jazz iii size and a jazz iii XL size which I quite like.


I forgot about these when I posted but they are great especially because the stiffness of the pick is determined by how hard you grip it.

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I picked these up recently and love them. They have Jazz III and Jazz III XL sized options. They rounded a little bit, but they have been super durable. I still love the Hetfield Black Fangs, but they wear down so quickly compared to these.

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So many picks, so little time…

Okay, got a pack of prodigies, I’ll try 'em out and see what’s what. Ordered 12 Dunlop Flows. So far, not a fan of the Petrucci picks - lol I’d rather just the Jazz III over those ones!

Anyone know what kind of picks Jimmy Herring uses?