Poll - Main Method You Used To Learn To Play Guitar


The question I want to ask for the following poll of forum members is what is the main method you’ve used to learn guitar?

  • 1.Take lessons from somebody.
  • 2.Watch instructional DVDs and VHS tapes
    1. Watch youtube instructional videos
    1. On your own, primarily learning songs and licks by ear

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You need another option for the old timers - Learn from magazines and books. Guitar World was always good but Guitar for the Practicing Musician was the best!


I’ve already created the poll and since voting has begun, I’n not use il will let me add another category - magazines and books - but if it does allow it I’ll do it. If not, then consider learning from magazines to fit in the answer “On your own, primarily learning songs and licks by ear” since it doesn’t say “exclusively learning songs and licks by ear” and so it fits that answer better than the others.

You’re right about Guitar For The Practicing Musician to be the best guitar magazine there ever was! It was truly a great magazine of high quality and a good selection of transcribed songs for us to learn. I loved that magazine and was disappointed when they took away the “For The Practicing Musician” part of their name. That was disappointing to me because it meant that they had decided to go after the market of people who dabbled in guitar playing but weren’t serious about it. What made the magazine so great to begin with is that it clearly was designed for and aimed at an audience of serious guitarists!

Edit: Allowing new categories to choose from after the poll has existed for more than 5 minutes is forbidden. Sorry.


Started with lessons, now mainly learning from the CTC team & the rest of you here :slight_smile:


Dating myself here to a very specific era, but learning songs from tabs online. That eventually turned into transcribing stuff on my own, as well, but that’s where I gathered most of what I know. i was a theory minor in college and have taken lessons here and there, but am mostly self-taught.