Quick Q from an elbow/DSX person

I use elbow/downstroke escape - is it therefore possible to literally swap all the upstroke escape material on CtC to the Upside Down? (get the reference!)

The Yngwie/Eric stuff appeals to me most - could I just turn all my strokes the other way round and it’ll work pretty well?

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Adam did an awesome lesson on this

I have heard “stranger things” than suggestions like this. So yes I get your Netflix series reference : -)


No, there are some licks that are only compatible with USX picking. For example, a repeating three note pattern on two adjacent strings, one note on the b string, and two on the e string. Picking pattern for this lick would be down-down-up-repeat. The two down strokes are a mini sweep. There are some others as well, like the Eric Johnson descending fives pentatonic lick.

Conversely, there are some licks that are only compatible with DSX picking. Take a 3-note repeating pattern on the e and b strings. One note on the high e, two on the b string. Picking pattern would be up-up-down-repeat. The two upstrokes in a row are a mini sweep.

But you are right that many licks can be done simply by reversing the picking, or adding in hammer-ons/pull-offs to make sure every last picked note is a downstroke so it escapes the strings.

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Great, thanks so much - think I might give it a go and add a few hammers/pulls than is strictly given in the original…

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All the things that do not involve downstroke sweeping are guaranteed to work.

For the sweepy things you’ll have to find some clever workarounds including re-fretting, additional legato notes etc. The @adamprzezdziecki lesson posted by Joe is an excellent example of this :slight_smile: