Recommendations for Android filming /editing apps

Hey dudes! As the title states, I’m looking for (hopefully free) Android apps to film slow motion and, more importantly, edit the video to slow it down, without dropping the pitch. What are y’all’s suggestions? Thanks!

I can recommend Google Camera (camera from Pixel phones, requires manual installation but it’s great all around) and OpenCamera.

What phone do you use? If your phone’s hardware can shoot in 120 or 240 fps, then the stock camera app will have a function for it. If not, a 3rd party app won’t able to add it.

The stock video edit app will most likely be able to change the slow motion start/end points as you want them.

Not dropping audio pitch, and even including audio to slowed-down portions - this one might be hard to get. I haven’t seen an Android that does both of those yet. Not sure if this is hardware or software dependent though.


I’ll give Google and open a shot! I’ve had the stock camera slow down stuff before, really it’s just the post processing which is a pain. Using a Samsung S6 active, thanks for the recommendations!

If you try Google Camera, please check that you’re downloading the correct version that fits your Android version. The latest is for Android 11 only.

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