RIP EVH - Sad News!

Well this is horrible. I’m sure I’m not alone in Eddie being one of the main reasons I embarked on the path of guitar mastery (still very much a work in progress for me). Besides being a huge part of the 80’s shred culture, he had amazing tone and was a fantastic songwriter. At least we had him long enough to get his best work!!!


I’m honestly crying…Eddie was so special to me

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Damn, absolutely devastated.

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Gutted…plain and simple.


really, really sad. I’ve been a fan since age 8 when 1984 came out. I just re-learnt the solo to “When Push Comes to Shove” last week!!!

I guess it’s not a big surprise. He lived the party lifestyle and didn’t take great care of himself over the years. I’m glad I got to see him live in Dallas with David Lee Roth. I was hoping maybe they’d bring back Michael Anthony at some point.

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I’m devastated, Eddie is a genius and changed rock and roll and guitar like no one before or after, not even Hendrix had the impact Eddie did. We’ve lost the greatest guitarist who ever lived. RIP Eddie, God Speed.


I am not ashamed to say I heard the news at my mechanics picking up my truck after work and I broke into tears.

The silver lining was my three year old hearing VH for the first time tonight.

“Daddy what’s that?”

“It’s Van Halen buddy!”

silence… pensive thought

“I like Van Halen Daddy”

The future is bright.


Such a shame I somehow hoped to see him play live just once, guess that’s off the table now. However his legacy will remain and he will keep inspiring kids to pick up a guitar for many years to come.

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There is a non zero chance one of the next generation of guitar heroes will be inspired when they discover VH for the first time right about now.


He single handedly saved Rock guitar. True innovator. Players like him are once in a lifetime.
One of the most important players in Rock guitar.

Will be greatly missed.

I’m not sure I’m following?

Yngwie has talked about being inspired to play guitar upon hearing of Hendrix’s death. There is probably some youngster out there that had never heard of Van Halen until today who is going to receive a heavy dose of inspiration from Eddie.


What are you trying to say here?

Very sad day. I don’t think any of us expected him to reach his 90s, but that doesn’t make it sting any less.

One interesting thing is that I’ve had quite a few friends who aren’t guitar-heads themselves reach out to me today. Even if they weren’t huge fans in the same way, they still appreciate the gravity of today. Not quite to the point that they’re treating me like a relative died, but not too far off from that.


:heart: Legend. Amazing guitar player.

That there is likely someone out that just had their life changed the way I did by hearing Van Halen for the first time today.

It’s incredible how important something like playing guitar is to us. It’s sounds obvious I know but I can literally smell my basement and being 13-14 years old when I hear certain VH songs. Music is magical in that way and EVH was magical. That is his genius was beyond the mechanics.

The whole ‘falling down the stairs and landing on your feet’ quote that is associated with him so often is a hint of sorts for trying to capture a small piece of that magic.


Is there another guitarist who had such an effect on rock and metal? I don’t think so. Everything from his 5150 signature amp and its effect on many areas of distorted guitar music, to his approach to soloing and rhythm, etc. RIP.


Rhythm, yep. I guess it’s because he was such a gifted soloist that his rhythm playing isn’t talked about much. He was so tasteful when his playing was in the background. It was a really unique style he had. Not the tight metronomic style that most people think of in the vein of Hetfield or other rhythm guitar masters, but everything EVH played was just so perfect for the part. Just think how stylistically different the rhythm guitars were in ‘Panama’ or ‘And the Cradle Will Rock’ or ‘Finish What You Started’ or ‘Beautiful Girls’ or (lesser known, but still awesome) “Can’t Get This Stuff No More” etc etc etc I could go on forever. If he never played a lead line in his life, the riffing work in any of those songs (and countless others) alone is enough to make him legendary. The fact that on top of that he was one of the best soloists ever is just…incredible. That we call him a once in a lifetime guitarist is actually an understatement.


The rhythm playing is what truly separated him from the legions of imitators. That shuffle feel on songs like “I’m the One” and “Hot for Teacher”. He was a blues player at his core a lot of people forget this cause he stretched blues rock to its absolute limits.